Kogan - Window A/C Damaged During Shipping - Offered $30 Credit

My window air conditioner finally died broke down after 40 years of service over the last year (can’t beat an old Fujitsu for longevity), so decided to get a cheap Kogan AC to get us through summer.

It arrived with a big dent on the rear corner and it looks like the cage has been pushed into the cooling fins, bending a few of them at the contact point.

I’ve set it up already and it works fine and given the hassle involved in dismantling it from my window and getting the courier out here, etc. I’d rather keep it, but I think given the quite serious damage a partial refund is warranted. Have a look at the photos below and see for yourself:

I contacted Kogan yesterday explaining the situation (I did say that I would rather keep the unit) and this is the email they sent:


Thank you for your email and for providing the photos.

Allow me to assist you.

I’m sorry to see your item has suffered some damage during the delivery process.

While it’s difficult to confirm, based on the details provided it’s likely the damage is purely cosmetic and the product will function perfectly fine.

If you confirm the unit works well and you’re interested in keeping it, we would be happy to provide you with an account credit to the value of $30 as a gesture of goodwill.

Alternatively, if you find any function has been impeded or would simply prefer a replacement, we can arrange to have the item returned.

Should you accept the credit offered, this will not in any way affect the warranty of your product and we will be sure to note down the condition in which it arrived.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed and we’ll make the necessary arrangements promptly.

We look forward to hearing from you and sorting this out.

Please get back to me and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

Kindest regards,

Customer Care Team

My end game here is to avoid shipping the thing back as much as possible because functionally the device is OK, it is already set up on my window, and warranty shouldn’t be an issue because the damage is documented in Kogan’s system from my previous email, but I do think being charged full price to receive the equivalent of something that is so damaged that it wouldn’t even be on the floor of a factory seconds shop is not cool.

The offer of a $30 credit sounds very low given the massive dent in the side and the bent cooling fins, not to mention the shipping came to $60 in the first place. Has anyone ever had success negotiating with Kogan on a partial refund?


With damage, often the product will work fine but the jolt or impact may have placed some of the working components out of alignment causing them to fail sooner than would otherwise be the case. This may pose issues with making a warranty claim as in effect you have accepted the damaged goods as is, knowing they are damaged. While it should still have a warranty, seeking partial refund, the retailer could argue that this is provided in leu of any future warranty claim (where the probability is higher due to the damage). This means you could lose the cost of the air conditioner in a week, month or year if the air conditioner fails.

It is also worth noting that retailers/manufacturers are reluctant to provide warranties on damaged goods. Often damage goods are sold thought auctions where there is no warranty available. This is because "Consumers who buy goods at a private auction, where an auction house sells on behalf of a vendor, are not covered by all statutory rights.’ (source).

Looking at the photos, the air conditioner unit has had a significant impact and it likely to have other internal damage impacting on its life.

I would strongly recommend that you seek a replacement and since you have installed the air conditioner knowing it was damaged, it may be difficult to claim costs for the replacement to be installed as this is an additional cost which the retailer would not otherwise have incurred (if you had not installed it and sought a replacement immediately after its arrival).


I agree with @phb, get a replacment, even if you have to remove this one to return it. In the long run you will be much better off.

As an aside; that support does not look strong enough for the airconditioner. I would want at least two of those to hold it up.


I’m guessing the installation of the air condition was more important than waiting for Kogan to supply a replacement. Hopefully Kogan can be relied upon in this instance?

These types of air conditioners are designed to be supported under each side of the pressed metal housing. There is an internal pressed metal rail that strengthens each side. The air conditioner body is removable, necessary to install and fix the housing to the building for safety and security. The unit weight is also typically more to one side/end. IE not balanced or centred.

I’m only familiar with products that have two support rails. It seems a compromise to use a centre only support, in a way not usually intended. Kogan should have supplied an installation manual that detailed the minimum installation requirements, which can clarify.


I assume this is tongue in cheek based on other threads:

There are more, but I think that is enough to demonstrate Kogan’s business methodology.


Well judged, although Kogan by choice is not one we have purchased from.
Others seem to know the facts of the matter.

The new purchase has many details of the external metal housing common to our old Westinghouse and Kelvinator wall rattlers.