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Welcome to MythDefied, where CHOICE Community users bust commonly held misconceptions, myths and misinformation surrounding products, rights and any other fallacies around consumer problems.


Have you come across a Shonky product or service? Share your Shonky submissions here for attention from CHOICE so that we can expose, uncover and fight against dodgy, ridiculous or unfair products and services. Keep and eye out for SpotAShonky competitions and the special Shonky Spotter badge that you can earn for entering a Shonky.

Design: 👍 or 👎

The Design: or category is for discussions around good and bad consumer design. This could include excess or difficult packaging, poorly designed apps retail store design and lots more.


Product recalls belong in this category. Share a product recall or recall advice and we’ll award the Total Recall badge, which you can use on your profile.


The featured category is a place for invited CHOICE staff, supporters, external contributors and others to discuss today's hot consumer issues. You can inspect to find insider views, opinions and positions that do not necessarily constitute a CHOICE position on a subject, so please take care when viewing this material.

Expert Advice

Ask your consumer questions here and then let the Community once you’re satisfied with the result. Visit for more reviews and tests, or a leave a comment below to share your experience with other consumers.

CHOICE Campaigns

CHOICE uses member fees and donations to help ensure the consumer voice is heard loud and clear through ongoing efforts to improve conditions for Australian consumers.


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Food & Drink

Do you have something to say about Coles, Woolworths, or Aldi? Free range or dairy? Make your voice heard in this section of CHOICE Community.


Your place to discuss insurance, banking, loans, tax and investments.


Where are the best bargains? What are your consumer rights? Post your bargain tips, shopping experience or ask a question here.

Electronics & Technology

From TVs and home theatres to computers and phones, discuss or review the gadgets in your life here.


Looking for travel advice? Ask a question here or share your tips to save money and stay safe.


CHOICE wants people to have the information, options and access to effective services. This could mean aged care services, health, education or more.

Home & Living

Discus or review appliances, furnishings, cleaning products and more.


Leave a review or discuss camping, gardening, outdoor entertaining and pets.

Home Improvement

Flooring, paint or power tools, if you're a home improvement fanatic, start a discussion or leave review for the CHOICE community.

Health & Body

Review beauty products, discuss fitness products or start a conversation about diets here.

Babies & Kids

Child care, prams, holidays with kids, car seats, cots, health and advice - current and future mums and dads can post questions or share advice here.


If you need car sales advice, want to review a bike or have would like to review your latest accessories, leave your comments here.

Digital Rights

This is a place to talk about digital rights and help find solutions for problems consumers face online, like geoblocking and the Australia tax.


Something really dodgy-looking you want to report, or ask a question about? This is the place.


Find solar panel reviews, solar power systems advice or share your experiences on solar payback times.


This is a place to share ideas for how CHOICE can help to create fair, just and safe markets for Australian consumers.

New Things

Here you’ll find discussion about CHOICE's latest experimental tools, apps and ways to join us in the service of fair, just and safe markets for Australian consumers.

Request a Test

Here's your chance to be a guest editor at CHOICE! We get hundreds of requests each month and your suggestions help us decide which products to put through their paces.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Saving on bills, switching providers, renewable energy, going green, and more.