Kogan extremely poor customer service - keystart mower

Having reviewed Choice reviews on keystart mowers, we purchased one as a gift from Masters. It lived up to its expectations so when our lawnmower went to an early grave we went in search of the Masters home brand keystart mower (as they were in administration) located them on Kogan.

Ordered 2 on line, one for us and another for my father in law as a gift. Ordered early March, Kogan advised to be at home on “X” (Thursday) day as they were being delivered so I took the day of work to await delivery.

Delivery turned up around midday, however there was only 1 mower on the truck. Truck driver advised that the other mower was on back order and would be delivered the following Tuesday. Took another day off work to await delivery, no delivery! Both mowers were paid for in full.

When we contacted Kogan they advised that the “delivery company lost the mower and they were investigating”; they then advised that the mower was “damaged in transit” Correspondence via phone and email went on for weeks to and from when Kogan finally admitted that they were “out of stock” (how can you sell and accept payment for goods when you don’t have them to sell?).

When we requested a replacement mower (that had been paid for and they were sitting on payment plus interest for some 6 weeks) were advised they could offer a refund and $10 credit for the inconvenience. There was a distinct lack of care, poor follow up, customer service - zero and today we are still without the mower which was a gift!! After some 6_+ weeks all that is offered for interest incurred on a credit card payment was $10 in store credit and refund, no interest whatsoever in sourcing a replacement product which was our end objective. Caveat emptor is a word of advice and would never deal with kogan again.

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Thank you so much for telling everyone about Kogan, and the problems you had with the Company. I have purchased many different items from them, and never had a problem, with either the goods, or the delivery. But in saying that, I have never purchased a big ticket item such as a lawn mower.

Having heard about your problems, I never will.

I have bought many products from Kogan and have never had a problem with their customer service. I’ve had two items replaced under warranty. The largest item I have bought was a 27" Computer monitor which is working flawlessly so far, so I cannot comment on larger items.

I purchase a double electric toater and on using found only one side worked so I got in touch with Kogan they said sorry and if I cut the plug off,send a email with a picture of the cut lead they would send another toaster which they did and now we have plenty of toast.Thank you Kogan

I had a Kogan microwave/convection oven and the glass turntable plate broke because I used it in the convection oven (not realising I was not supposed to). I contacted Kogan in May 2015, asking to buy a new glass plate. I am still waiting for a response.

I purchased four outdoor dome swags from Kogan and my wife purchased on nine months prior to that so we all had one each. Went on a big camping trip in July 2016 and found that they all leaked in the rain. This was after curing the canvas prior to the trip. Contacted Kogan and they arranged for pick-up of all five swags for transport back to Melbourne from Perth and provided me a full refund close to $800 including delivery! I have no complaints with their customer service.