Kogan Despatch Shonkiness… anyone else had this tried on them?

So, now that both my wife and I are working from home, I decided it would be good to buy an extra computer monitor so I was a bit more productive. I came across a Kogan 34" monitor for $469.99 which was cheap (for that size).

I ordered it on the 19th of March 2020 and Kogan’s website reported that it would ship in 1 - 2 business days. No problems.

About a week later, I hadn’t received the monitor, so I logged into the Kogan website and followed the tracking link to the Australia Post site. What surprised me was that whilst there was a tracking event “Shipping information approved by Australia Post” there was no subsequent event “Picked up from Sender” which happens when the parcel is scanned onto the truck.

On the 28th of March, still not having received the delivery I wrote an email to Kogan asking them what was going on.

They advised that the issue was not theirs, but that “Australia Post has advised that they have not been able to locate your order for delivery”. The implication here is that the item has been lost by Australia Post. They apologised and told me they’d send me another.

I thought this was very weird - it seemed much more likely that Kogan had simply not ever despatched the item. But, I’m a patient guy, so I said sure - send me a replacement.

The second shipment was “despatched” on the 31st of March. Again, I logged into the AusPost website I saw the “Shipping information approved by Australia Post” event, but no “Picked up from Sender” event.

But, guess what! The same thing happend to the second shipment. On the 7th of April (thats 19 days after my original order) the item still has not left Kogan (as far as I can see). Kogan has blamed Australia post: “I sincerely apologise on behalf of Australia Post for the unexpected delay that this has caused”

I’m trying to figure out why Kogan are playing this game. The only things I can think of are:

(i) They don’t have stock of the item and they’re just drawing me out for as long as possible until they can supply it.

(ii) They price was wrong on the website and they don’t want to supply it to me at that price (its now listed at $749) and they want me to just get frustrated and encourage me to ask for a refund.

I’d love to know whether others have experienced the same thing with Kogan (and therefore if its a systemic issue).



Hi Matthew, welcome to the community, and for sharing your concerns. The experience With Kogan must be very frustrating. Have you been able to access their complaints procedure and followed through with your concerns in person?

The nerds in the extended family typically shop online for Most of their computer hardware. Delivery or pick and collect. Kogan is not on their everyday list.

For most large IT items we, (the distributed family) shop in store or order and collect, rather than risk shipping damage. Smaller items from online via parcel delivery have been reliable. Delivery to Alice Springs is the only notable exception.

There are a number of Aussie suppliers who receive few complaints with their service. Although restocking may be a problem at present. The Aussie dollar decline might also be an issue for backorders from OS. If you do need some suggested alternatives you might like to reply with the region of Australia you are part of.


@mark_m is implying your best move forward may be to cancel the Kogan order and buy from a respected, reliable source. Good advice, especially considering the checkered reputation Kogan has for after-sales ‘service’.

In addition to specialist ICT suppliers sometimes Office Works, JB, and sometimes The Good Guys have good prices on monitors and in my experience have usually done the right thing by their customers.


Yes, I sometimes forget that for everyday desktop use there are these other retail options.

Stock on the floor and you can/should ask for a demo. It may help to see just how well the monitor displays what you need it to do.
Note if you work in a bright home office look in the store for a brightly lit similar environment.

Thanks @PhilT :wink:

I’m assuming others are aware of


It doesn’t help, but know you are not alone. Kogan has a (bad) reputation to uphold.

From the beginning of last year - Kogan.com beats Apple as most complained about company

It seems nothing has changed.


Ordered an Xiaomi stick vacuum on 27/11/2020.
Still have not received it 29/1/2021. Noticed they were advertised again this week. Contacted them various times and am told it’s because of Covid and my query will be put in a queue. I’m down over $300. Still receive daily emails. I want my money back but even that is made difficult. Cannot understand why these people are allowed to to operate this way.


Non-delivery of product is a reason you can dispute your credit or paypal transaction. Use your records of asking for a refund and/or Kogan’s excuses. You may have just missed the deadline to lodge a chargeback through your card as 60 days from the transactional date is common. Paypal often has more liberal terms if you paid through them, or another payment system.


Is the seller based in Australia or overseas? Do you have a link to the advertisement?

There are two points to consider…

The first…unfortunately with Kogan, Amazon etc they allow advertisements direct from independent sellers which can effectively be anywhere in the world. If it is an international seller, postage can take time especially if they use the cheapest option (sea freight). If they have used air freight, it is problematic at current times due to limited international flights.

I hope that during the checkout they disclosed where the item was being sent and how long it would take.

The second is you may have bought a product on back order (or ‘presale’). An example is this one…


where it states that delivery will be around May 2021. If this was the case, you accepted the timeframes for delivery when ordering and you won’t have any recourse until after the nominated date, if there is a non-delivery if the item.

If you have back ordered ('presale") an item, chargeback or lodging a dispute with your payment system won’t be successful as it will be classed as a change of mind…that being you have decided you now can’t wait that long for the product to arrive.

An option is to contact the vendor directly and see if you can cancel the order. Check terms and conditions before cancelling as they may include what you think are, hefty financial penalties.

In the end if you have accidentally ordered a product which is “presale”, you might have to be patient and accept to be more careful in reading advertised and checkout information before hitting ‘buy’.


@phb is one up :slight_smile:

Kogan has a few Xiaomi models on their web site, and while some show


many show as preorders with expected ship dates, some as late as April.