✨ COMPETITION ✨ What consumer myth, misconception or misinformation would you like busted?

We debunk a lot of myths in the CHOICE Community, so we decided to start a new category to solve the enduring consumer conundrums once and for all. We’re here to bust commonly held misconceptions, myths and misinformation that can cause consumers all sorts of problems while answering your burning questions.

To celebrate the launch of our new category, CHOICE is offering five $100 vouchers of your choice (or cash equivalent) to the best BS busters in the CHOICE Community. Any forum member can enter, just leave a reply to a question we post in this category and we’ll mark the solution. At the end of the competition period in June, we’ll choose our top five BS busters and award the prize.

Have a myth, consumer problem or question idea? Post it in the comments below and we’ll add it to the MythDefied category for busting (and don’t worry, you can provide a reply to your own submission).

CHOICE ‘Consumer MythDefied’ competition
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How about, "Does phosphorus which is often present in cleaning products kill plants and therefore grey water should not be used on the garden?


I think there is some confusion here between Phosphorus, a chemical element, and Phosphate, which is the common inorganic form of Phosphorus, which is present in the natural environment. :grin:


Nice one @Airsie, this is going in as a new question :wink:


Thanks to everyone for all the myth busting so far, some great answers and discussions. I’ve awarded some BS Buster badges to those providing a solution. We’re looking for the best BS Busters, and the more solutions you post, the more chances we’ll have to decide who is the ultimate at dispelling common myths and solving consumer problems.

Keep the ideas flowing, I’ll update the questions steadily as we go, and whether you’re a regular contributor or not, don’t be afraid to improve on existing answers or to share your opinion on a particular myth :thumbsup:


Bust this… That the justice system actually has anything to do with justice.
Of course it depends on interpretation but I’m sure most of us would think that the word Justice, when used in law would mean “the quality of being fair and reasonable” and not " the administration of the law or authority".
The cost of legal is astronomical so it is a misrepresentation that is is Just.



WINNERS :tada:

After collectively uncovering the facts about 30 tricky consumer myths, we have found our BS Busting competition winners. These five winners solved the most myths and also did so offering clear explanations and helpful advice. The following Community members will receive a $100 voucher (or cash equivalent) of their choice:


Please get in touch with a private message with your prize preferences. We’ve had a lot of fun so far busting myths and we’ve barely even scratched the surface, so we’re opening up the category to everyone. Now you can post a consumer myth that you’d like to see busted, so if you’ve heard of an issue that needs unpacking or you know a consumer story that just won’t go away, please post it for the attention of the CHOICE Community BS Busters.

Thanks to everyone who participated!