True or False - You can only register landline numbers on the government's Do Not Call Register

Many savvy consumers know that you can register your landline on the Do Not Call Register, but what about mobile phones?

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Mobile numbers can be registered- mine certainly is. (that doesn’t stop some dodgy organisations from calling though!)

You can check if you can’t remember if you have registered yours here:

An email is sent to the address you supply, informing you of the status of your number.


false …


As @gordon advises, you can register mobile numbers. From the DNCR Faqs

"What is the Do Not Call Register?

The Do Not Call Register is a secure database where individuals and organisations can register, check or remove their Australian telephone, mobile and fax numbers to opt out of receiving most unsolicited telemarketing calls and faxes.

Registration is free and you only need to do it once.

Once registered, a number will stay on the register indefinitely unless the number owner or their representative removes the number."

Handily it also includes faxes but wouldn’t it be nice to include email addresses as well :slight_smile:


Well there is the definitive answer from the web site, which was not exactly hard to find. Next.


You can register both residential landline and mobile phones, but registered numbers can still be contacted by exempt organisations. These include registered charities, research companies, registered political parties and educational institutions.

Also, it only applies to Australian based callers. Registered numbers can still be called by telemarketers from overseas.

Business numbers can not be registered!


People who have registered before and start having issues down the track again.Don’t be afraid to re-register your details which you can do.I had issues for a while their no one could help me solve the issues i had.Basically it was the most common complaints which DNCR had trouble solving.And a few extras.So what i did was re-register and after just a handful of days all my calls stopped.Then a month later they would start up again re-registered and they stopped again.Did this over a period of a few months and fortunately it’s been at least 3 months now and it’s still fairly quiet.Their must be a code the number gets put onto then eventually it gets hacked and people can start ringing again.Mentioned it to DNCR but they never really said anything