Do weight loss teas work?

As simple as a cup of tea - or is it? Do you have any thoughts on whether weight loss teas work or not, and in what circumstances.

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If you consume the tea in accordance with the label , no, they don’t work.

If you only drink weight loss tea and do not drink or eat anything else, then yes they would work as one would be depriving ones body of calories. Overtime this would lead to weight loss but may also have other health consequences.

The only other thing which will get lighter from weight loss tea is one’s wallet.


Some weight loss teas did cause weight loss but some of the ingredients were fairly toxic/dangerous for humans to consume, and for some people the risks were exacerbated due to pre-existing conditions sensitive to those ingredients. Others work because you replace energy dense foods with very low calorific drinks, but this only lasts as long as you don’t then eat more because you are hungry or yo-yo diet. Some work because some people don’t have enough water in their normal diet and so eat more food to gain fluids from the food, when they drink the tea their appetite is suppressed because they are now more hydrated and so energy intake is reduced.

Basically if you want to lose weight you need to reduce your energy intake below what you use but also maintain a well balanced diet, you also need to consider exercise for it’s benefits eg good mental health, increasing or sustaining current muscle mass which helps your base metabolic rate of energy use, and using a bit more energy than being sedentary. You should also check your sleep amount and ensure you get sufficient and at appropriate times. Drink plenty of water but not too much as well so you stay hydrated as being thirsty/dehydrated can make you increase your food intake as your body tries to get moisture from the food you eat.


The famous Peter Foster made quite a lot of money selling Bai Lin tea. He said it had great health benefits including weight loss. One has to assume that he takes his own medicine, especially since he could give himself mates rates. He is such a popular bloke governments around the world are queuing to offer him free accommodation. He is in such favour that there have been conflicts as some countries insist that he finish his stay at their place before leaving to be accommodated elsewhere. Here he is in Fiji.

Peter is well versed in the art of the stunt but getting your kit off to have a police officer mop your brow seems excessive. You can see how well the tea worked for him. I am referring mainly to his copious paunch but I believe getting luxury transport by authorities en route to a compulsory holiday was related to the tea as well.

So it’s a no from me.


People who say weight loss is about teas can’t spell.

Weight loss is about what one eats. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Yes, I know there’s more to it like sugary/or and calorific drinks, etc.)


Thanks for the answers everyone. We recently investigated this topic, see our verdict on weight loss teas :tea:.