COVID-19 Good Business Behaviour (Shiny Awards)

In counterpoint to the bad business behaviour topic, this one is for those who are doing the right thing.

I’ll start with Rabo Bank, received this today re their savings accounts:

While last week the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut the official cash rate again, we are pleased to let you know that we have not reduced our deposit interest rates . And, to provide additional support, we have increased a range of our Term Deposit rates

Details of their deposit products can be found on their website.


In another thread Costa cruises was reported to be taking care of their customers. Worth a cross link to show how tour companies can and a few do respond when there is a Black Swan event.


Here are a couple of great examples.

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Just got this from Suncorp…

That’s the Suncorp Spirit.

Hi Customer,

At Suncorp, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers. It’s about being there in times of need. But it’s also about making things easier in the everyday moments.

So you’ll find we’re right there with you, arranging finance for vital equipment like we did for the Trebbins family to help them with the drought. You’ll see us on the ground helping communities when they’ve been affected by big weather events. And recently we removed monthly account keeping fees from all deposit accounts~. That’s the Suncorp Spirit.

Every bit helps…


Locally there are a lot of small business people who are doing their very best for the community. Some are making free food, some are delivering cooked meals and all for those who need it. I’ve been really impressed.


It doesn’t get much better than this.

Would that be some of the 90 tonnes that those two Chinese companies sent to China in February? Twiggy Forrest does try to be a decent human, though, good for him.

News Corp suspends 60 community newspapers in Australia.

Good news for saving the trees, reducing litter, reducing waste and stopping a puerile waste of resources.

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Some vehicle manufacturers have extended their warranty expiry dates due to coronavirus.

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Westpac suspends credit card payments for 3 months for customers who have lost their income.

Glencorp buys a $45,000 COVID-19 testing machine for the Mt Isa region.

Wow. Glencorp of all companies.

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Not quite sure if this one really qualifies.

I would categorise it as seriously bad behaviour, noting the TGA responded no worries since Clive was not selling anything.

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Malaria is not caused by a virus or bacteria. It’s caused by a parasite ‘plasmodium’ infecting the blood stream.

The experts are strongly suggesting following a number of trials the drug has little prospect of being an effective treatment. (For the Virus Covid-19)

All is not lost. At least Clive can take his drug and Foundation to Africa, or PNG and do some good when the folly is realised. :thinking: Per WHO malaria is responsible for 450,000 deaths globally each year, including many children.


Andrew Forest acquires 10 million coronavirus test kits for Australia.

Perhaps this dererves a new category of “Fantastic Business behaviour”.


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Ford Australia is manufacturing and donating face masks.

Several Australian businesses are donating products to help those persons helping others during the pandemic.

We’re now launching our awards to recognise good business behaviour during COVID-19, find out more and submit your nomination here:


We received around 700 nominations in total - here are the businesses we think went above and beyond during the height of the COVID-19 crisis: