Corona Beer With Lime Wedges

Each day around 5:00 PM, I really enjoy an icy cold Corona with a wedge of lime pushed into it.
At our previous residence I planted a Tahitian Lime which grew around 4 metres high and was loaded with fruit but many were almost as large as an orange.
When we bought our present home in 2015, I bought some planters and fruit trees to grow in them around the swimming pool, one of which is a Key Lime which is also known as the Bartender’s Lime in the US.
It is now around 1 metre high and 1 metre in diameter. After it only produced a few limes in the first 2 years, I have picked a bag full so far this year with the last 4 fruits still ripening and the tree is already covered in flowers.
The fruit is yellow when ripe and are around 2 to 4 cm in diameter, perfect sizes to fit a Corona bottle and the tree does not have any thorns. When I cut the first wedge from one with a razor sharp utility knife, there is always a pool of juice on the sink. I can actually bite the flesh without the usual bitter taste of Tahitian Limes or lemons.
Key limes are grown from seed although the base of our tree appears as though it was grafted. I bought it from Bunnings.
So for all those Corona drinkers who enjoy a wedge of lime with their beer, this is a great way to get nice small limes without paying a fortune for them.


Cheers to that :beers:

Thanks for the tip @Fred123 :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen lime in a Corona - always Lemon - though to be fair I wouldn’t claim to be a connoisseur or well travelled, so that’s just my limited experience … had a couple at a restaurant last night. Strange - I’d be happy to have a lime though - either seem a good thing :slight_smile:


Our local Graziers Steakhouse in Cairns is in the Balaclava Hotel complex adjacent to Dan Murphy’s.
When I have had a Corona whilst eating there, the bar staff always ask if I want lemon or lime with it and they have slices of lemon and wedges of lime ready to serve.
Whilst Corona is still a great beer by itself, the lime definitely gives it an even better taste.
I cannot understand claims on the site that Corona goes off because of the clear glass bottle. They are packed in the strongest beer cartons I have ever seen which we reuse for many things.
When I remove a six pack, I store it in the pantry to restock the fridge so the only time the bottles see the light of day is when they are opened, and in any case, all beers should be stored away from sunlight
And as the old VB TV ad jingle used to say “Matter of fact, I’ve got it now”.
P.S. I believe that Bunnings had the plant I bought labelled as a West Indian Lime.


Lemon/lime wedges in Corona definitely worked well as a marketing ploy but where did it come from?
I was told the Mexicans put it in the top of the bottles to keep the flies out… I like that one but alas no.
Apparently the northern Europeans have been adding citrus to beers (and other beverages) for centuries as it “tastes good”.
If you’re into citrus with your beer though… try native finger limes… they’re Aussie, they’re high in vitamin C (which means you can say your beer is good for you), they taste great and will look a lot more exotic that a normal lemon/line wedge.


This is strange stuff. Why spend time assessing odd theories about it? Either you like it or you don’t.

To me citrus works well with any light-bodied, light flavoured beer. The smell of the oil from the skin is more important than the tartness of the juice, each time you take a swig you get a little waft of it.


Thats how I feel about curry :wink:


Lemon (or lime wedges) were originally used in Mexico to keep flies out of the beer. It really does nothing to improve the flavour of the beer.

A good measure of Stones Ginger Wine also does the trick. Not sure how much greater and more potent the outcome. Works well with XXXX bitter ale or any light flavoured style of beer.

Corona does not have an exclusive right to adding lime or lemon wedges. It’s also just another gimmick you can show off with.

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Corona. A marketing triumph! Putting lime or lemon in any beer disguises it’s true flavour or lack of it, in the case of Corona.

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Thanks for the good tip . Will be getting a Key Lime from Bunnings as well.

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(Almost) nothing is nicer on a cold winter’s evening than a glass of hot Stones Ginger Wine (approx. 1.5cm in bottom of glass), hot water to fill the glass and a wedge of Lime or lemon. Apparently keeps the cold at bay as well :slight_smile:


It is a bit like ginger working to prevent motion sickness…

Notwithstanding this, it is not a bad drink if one likes ginger.

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Bunnings probably won’t know what a Key lime is.
I am sure that the tree I bought was labelled as a West Indian Lime which is just another name for it as I remember asking a staff member whether I should get a Tahitian Lime or a West Indian Lime
He said he would get the Tahitian Lime but I bought the West Indian Lime instead and I am glad that I did so.

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Thanks @Fred123. Will try my luck tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I was down to my last 6-pack of Corona and planning to check out any specials for it this week, but the email I received today almost made me fall off my chair.

It was an offer from Dan Murphy’s for cartons of Corona together with a free Corona + Parley stainless water bottle.

The cartons of 24 bottles of Corona Extra and Corona Ligera were both $41.95 each and cartons of 30 cans of Corona Extra were $73.99 each.

I took the trouble of calling Dan Murphy’s, and after some 10 minutes, I was finally answered by their call centre.

I explained that I wanted to check whether their Cairns store in Earlville had any stock of the water bottles. The person said that she would check and let me know but I was then answered by a person at the Earlville store who said that they had 300 water bottles and there was a limit of 1 per transaction.

I drove to the store and went to where the Corona pallets are stacked only to note that the signage displayed a price for Corona Extra bottles of $49.95 per carton so I asked a pair of nearby staff members.

They could not believe the price and said that it had never been that low to which I replied that it was the reason that I had made a special trip to the store.

They asked me if I had a copy of the email, which I did not, but I called my wife who took a photo of the email I had left open on our office computer which she sent to my mobile, and after they had looked at the photo, they agreed to honour the price of $41.95.

They also said that Corona Ligera was on special for $41.95 but that their store had never stocked the Corona Extra cans, of which one staff member was not aware that they even existed.

I mentioned that as I wanted to get 2 water bottles, I planned to return for a second carton as I had been told that there was a limit of 1 water bottle per transaction, to which they advised me to simply do 2 separate transactions at the checkout, and they placed the 2 cartons in the trolley for me.

The cartons scanned at $49.95 each, but when I showed the operator the photo and said that one of the staff members had said for her to call him if in doubt, she discounted the price, and she did not require me to do 2 separate transactions.

She scanned the 2 free water bottles which were priced at $29.99 each and then credited the total of $59.98, and I paid $83.90 for the 2 cartons of Corona.

It appears that someone in the marketing department certainly got something mixed up, but much to Dan Murphy’s credit, the offer I received was honoured without any fob-offs or cop-outs, in stark contrast to Woollies and Big W, which might explain why Dan Murphy’s have their own rewards program instead participating in the Woolworth’s Rewards one.

If one was to take into account the $2.40 refund for the return of the empty bottles, and the value of the water bottle at the scanned price of $29.99, the carton of Corona Extra would have cost a mere $9.56.


P.S. I was aware of the Corona “100 Islands” program but I had never heard of “Parley” so I have posted a link to it.


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Well done @Fred123 for following up with them, hopefully they have also sorted out the issue with their system. Always good to see when a business honours a deal in this type of situation.

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The price difference between the Corona Extra bottles at $41.95 (or even $49.95) for 24 bottles in comparison to Corona Extra cans at $73.99 for 30 cans seems quite extraordinary.

The bottles work out to be $1.75 (or $2.08) each or $4.92 (or $5.86) a litre whilst the cans work out to be $2.46 each or $8.68 a litre, which is over 40% (or almost 19%) more.

Considering that the product is shipped from the other side of the Pacific, I would have thought that the lighter weight of aluminium cans would make shipping costs less than that for the heavier glass bottles.

Perhaps the bottles are on special and the cans are full price.

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With an ISO 20ft container shipping US (assumed Mexico similar?) to Australia for around $2,000 AUD for one off rates it would seem unlikely the shipping cost should be a significant factor?

Cans also take up less volume, and may even make better use of the 25t, 33cubic m capacity of a 20ft container.
So the sea freight cost is around 5c per can or less than 10c per bottle. Missing are the port handling costs at each end, rehandling, warehousing, road transport, insurance, shipping agents, customs charges, etc etc.

Some costs are per container load which would tend to make bottled beer more expensive, some costs are similar if based on cargo value, EG insurance.

It’s little wonder that there is a common quip in the industry that the contents in the can or bottle cost less than the container to produce?

Have you ever wondered why beer in a glass from bulk at the pub costs even more per litre? Some of it is the cost of that stainless steel keg! :thinking:

At $5.86 per litre including federal excise it compares more than favourably with carbonated spring water from any big name brand?

Woolies, Ashgrove Qld, $2.85 for 450ml, hot ($6.33 per l). And that’s with the flavouring left out! :rage: