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Copper Drinking Water Bottles


An interesting article regarding copper water bottles.

We will stick with our free Corona x Parley stainless steel vacuum water bottles which I posted about previously.

I was at Dan Murphy’s yesterday and they had stacks of them.

I said to the staff member that I thought they would have all been long gone, to which she replied that they had received more stock as it is being advertised on TV.

So anyone who likes Corona and is interested in a free water bottle can still get one at Dan Murphy’s.



If you look hard enough you can find sunbstance to nearly any claim?

Free Corona drink bottles!
Are they stainless steel?
If so they contain nickel.

Is nickel 100% safe?
Well perhaps not if you read the following USA EPA assessment. It can be both safe and not so good for us.

Perhaps it is safer to just stick to the Corona and leave the water in the bottle? :rofl:

We still use our stainless steel cutlery if anyone is still wondering!