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Woolworth Supermarkets Yellow Price (Discount)Tags

Forbes NSW 2871 Woolworths Supermarket Store

Went to do some shopping around 6.45pm tonight and found that the majority of yellow special tags had been removed by the assistant manager to whom i spoke to. Told her that i had previously contacted Woolworths re this matter before to which i was told this should not have happened before atleast 10pm. The assistant manager seemed to be a bit blasaie about this and she said the only tags removed were local store savings of which i thought BS. as she had a green basket with about 60mm of tags.I informed her that i would be sending an email to Woolworths, to which she shrugged her shoulders and this gave me the impression of “so what”
I proceeded to the checkout register to finalise my shopping. If i had used the price tags on the shelves showing for the items then my total shopping would have been an additional $10. This early removal of the yellow special tags does not help when you are on a pension.
Informed Woolworths my experience will be sent to Choice and to see how common this practice is.


They have to be removed at the end of the sale period and before the next one starts. I recall that Woolworths (and Coles) run weekly specials from Wednesday to the following Tuesday. I suspect that they are removing them on Tuesday and preparing to place the new ones for the next weeks specials.

While they might seem to have been removing them early, the flip side is if they remove them on the Wednesday morning when first opening…the specials no longer exist and one may be mislead thinking that the labels were still current…and those shopping for that week’s specials wouldn’t see the new tags until some time after the store opened, the old tags removed and the new tags installed.

There will always be a period where current special tags won’t be presented in store, unless Woolworths pays staff to work overtime to replace the tags sometimes during the night when the store is closed (maybe causing food price increases to cover the additional labour cost). This raises the question how do they manage to change the tags in 24 hour stores so that at 11.59:59pm they are last week’s specials, these are removed at midnight with next week specials all in place at 12:00:01am. One can see the practicalities (and dilemma face by a retail store) of ensuring that all tags are there instantaneously to ensure that they are correct at all times.


One of my favourite “savings”.

I don’t try to read the finish date, especially at Woollies, as the print is too small, but when I check my receipt before leaving the store and a price is higher than the shelf label, I go back in to double check the label, then go to the service desk for my refund.

Ususlly they get someone to go and check the label and they return with it but sometimes they fail to remove it, thus resulting in additional freebies.


Your statement is plausable but why not remove the label after 9 pm and thats 3 hours later when there are much fewer people in the store. Where i live is a rural area and not many people are about after 9pm. On my previous communication with Woolworths i was assured this would not happen in the future, maybe i needed to ask when this future date will start. Just my 2 cents worth


The process of placing the new specials into more prominent positions, removing the almost expired yellow special tickets, and placing out the new tickets is a rolling process that depends on store closing time, staff rostering, staff availability, and the amount of stock relocation that is required.

Perhaps in your rural area staff numbers mean that the job could not be completed by close of business if not commenced earlier than the designated 10pm. Another reason management staff may need to start earlier is that they have to factor time for getting called away to attend to approving discounting, managing staff relocating old and new specials stock, customer enquiries, price checks, authorisations, etc.

So knowing that the management staff need to start the process of removing sale tickets earlier in your local store, perhaps you could accommodate that? If the discounts start on Wednesday at opening and go till Tuesday close of business, perhaps you could manage to visit earlier in the sale week as you are more likely to find the special available, or at worst, earlier on the Tuesday night to avoid any confusion with the ticketting?


I have found that excepting for short dated in-store specials Woolies scanners will usually (not always!!!) scan at the advertised sale price. Like @Fred123 we have received many freebies when they did not, but in recent months even when the signage and stick on tags showed the normal prices while still in a sales period, the correct price has been charged.

A cynic might think consumers might not grab a regular priced item, even if is on sale, if the sale price is prematurely retired from view, enhancing profits by a few cents or dollars per unit as they may buy something else in lieu.


Overall a bit disappointed in some of the replies but that is the opinion of others. I am a pensioner who does most of his shopping on specials as i also have other expenses to deal with. At the same time i do shopping for other pensioners who have trouble leaving there residence and they rely on me to further there dollar where i can. I will leave it at that with still no response from Woolworths.


If this is the case, the specials can still be seen on the Woolworths website and within weekly paper/online catalogues published by Woolworths (and Coles). A suggestion may be to review the online cataloges/website (click on specials) before shopping and make a list of those special you wish to purchase when you visit the store. Coles also has the same information on its website as well.

Alternatively, maybe look at shopping at another time other than late on Tuesdays and early on Wednesdays if you needs to rely of instore shelf labelling. This would ensure that you see the labels and make instore purchase decisions based on that.

These might mean a slight change in one’s shopping behaviour, but these simple solutions will reduce any confusion of what may or may not be on special when one shops.


Just had a phone call from the manager who profusely apologised for what has happened and has assured me it will not happen again with the tickets to be removed between 9pm and midnight on the Tuesday night. Also received a bonus on my rewards card, so all is good for now. :grinning:


Good on you for persevering and the reward is a little bonus for that effort.