Woollies Shonky Chilled Produce Signage

I wish to nominate Woollies as the first cab off the rank for the Choice 2021 Shonky Awards.

Our local Woollies at Mt Sheridan continues to perpetuate their misleading and deceptive labelling of short dated products as “specials” instead of 'reduced to clear" so consumers will not be aware of the scam.

PS. Aploogies for the poor photo quality but the seafood display at Woollies always has condensation on the inside to the extent that some prioe signs are unreadable.

When I was at Woollies today, I was going to buy a couple more barramundi fillets but I asked the employee what the use by date was.

When she finally understood what I was asking, she checked the back of the price sign and said that they had to be used by today.

Still marked as “fresh” and “special” as per this week’s catalogue.

Most consumers would simply buy them to cook within 3 days not aware that they may not be safe to eat after the day of purchase.

The price sign was also in the wrong position so as to created further confusion.

At least Coles display short dated products in the deli with plain tellow and black signs without any deceptive and misleading wording, and the staff will almost invariably say that the products need to be used by tonight or tomorrow, as applicable.


PS. Apologies for the poor photo quality but the seafood display at Woollies always has condensation on the inside, and often the price signs are unreadable.


Our local Coles and Woollies both had WA Rock Lobsters on special yesterday at $20 each.

Today, Coles still had them on special for $20 each but Woollies had increased to their normal price of $25 each despite the signage still claiming that they were on special.

The photo is not clear as the seafood display is covered in condensation as usual.

When it comes to shonkies, the superlatives are Shonky, Very Shonky and Woollies Shonky.



Woollies maintained this scam up until today when there were 3 lobsters but no price sign.

However, at Coles the price sign for lobsters on display was $25 each on a standard black & white sign. No yellow price signs or false & misleading claims of “Specials”.

“Woollies the fresh food people with lots of scams for you”.

What a bunch of grubs.


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I’ve stopped buying anything “fresh” from Woolworths because its an online shop that I do, and they have let me down many times. Meat now comes from the butcher instead. Oh… except for Woolworths Cook Beef. YUM!

I’ve been gobsmacked at the poor quality fruit and veg, they always used to be reliable but no longer. Our local Coles has better quality but when online shopping, I get it from a fruit and veg shop. A bit more expensive, but worthwhile for food that hasnt been in cold store for two years.