Tupperware 'Lifetime' warranty issues

I do not think that Tupperware’s new warranty process constitutes what is considered a Lifetime Warranty.

For example, the new fee structure means that a customer with a valid warranty claim for a faulty product must now pay the following:

$3.95 processing fee

$9.95 delivery fee

$ plus postage to return faulty item to Tupperware


Very poor behaviour.

The $3.95 fee probably covers the cost of manufacture of the replacement and they probably get shipping rates of well below $9.95 per item.



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It is also stated as being the ‘lifetime of the product’, whatever that means in a practical sense…

That might be an interesting one since the ACCC has ideas about shipping costs.

From the ACCC (hotlink)

You are entitled to recover reasonable postage or transportation costs from the business if the product is confirmed to have a problem, so keep your receipts…If the product is found not to have a problem, you may be required to pay the transport or inspection costs. An estimate of these costs should be provided to you before the product is collected, and the costs must not be inflated in an attempt to deter you from pursuing your claims.

You might refer this dodgy reading warranty to the ACCC. Nothing will be done unless it is deemed a widespread and egregious flaunting of the laws, but should still be reported. Perhaps their citing the ACL is their get out of jail free card, yet putting the onus on their customers to know and claim their rights.


I agree that the Tupperware warranty has changed significantly and is not in the spirit of their promise when the item was bought. Additionally they now require a proof of purchase receipt. Without one they will not replace the lid or other item, even if it is faulty, they will simply give you a credit to buy online. Not all replacement parts are available on line. I think going forward I will be buying plastic containers from the supermarket - there’s no point paying Tupperware prices if you don’t actually get the warranty

I have complained to Tupperware and referred this to the NSW Fair Trading. I think the more people that complain to Tupperware and report the situation, the more likely we are to see a change in the Tupperware policy


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This has been done because the old system was abused. There were a number of individuals buying second hand worst for wear Tupperware and returned it to a Tupperware for replacement under the lifetime warranty…to be sold on with a considerable profit. There were reports after local agents cottoned onto the practice (same individuals frequenting the same agent regularly for a warranty claim), the individuals would move onto other agents until the practice was discovered again…on so on. This abuse of Tupperware’s goodwill became common knowledge and became a way to get new Tupperware cheaply or to make some money.

Tupperware under the Australian Consumer Law can rightfully request proof of purchase, to validate a genuine warranty claim and meet their own manufacturer or consumer guarantee obligations (that being the Tupperware is that of the original purchaser). Unfortunately Office of Fair Trading complaints won’t succeed.

A few spoiled it for all.


It does seem like the new warranty is full cost recovery rather than an honest warranty though? The pendulum may needed to have swung, but how far is too far to pass reflecting a warranty in lieu of selling a replacement?


Interesting that Tupperware acknowledge there is a fee, and it is supposedly ‘subsidised’ by Tupperware. It implies the total actual cost to Tupperware is greater than what the consumer is paying.

Why not say that the consumer is subsidising the cost to Tupperware of honouring the warranty?

That the customer must bear the cost of return and is not refundable is clearly stated. The web page extract is from Tupperware Australia’s web site.

Note ‘proof of purchase’ in this extract from the Tupperware warranty page is not mandatory.

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Our personal experience with a Tupperware claim was vastly different.

The item was many years old and we had no receipt as my wife thinks she got it at a Tupperware party.

Tupperware did no ask for the faulty item to be returned.

What a shame that a long established business would want to muddy their great reputation in the face of some dodgy claims when it would cost them very little for the replacement plastic.



Yes it’s a pity that Tupperware have to change the entire policy for the few abusing the situation rather than supporting their long term customers.


I have just discovered Tupperware’s new and ridiculous process to replace broken lids - after all these years of “selling” a free and easy lifetime warranty to replace broken lids, it’s a rort. You have to create an account with them, then not only do you have to pay to both send and receive your lids, but there is a $3.95 processing fee ON EACH LID! I have eight lids I’ve been saving in a drawer as they have broken over the last few years (that’s $31.60 just to make my claims) - and I look after my Tupperware - many of these items have hardly been used so what does that say about the product? This means I have eight useless bottoms I can’t use which in itself is a significant waste of money.

I understood it to be a $3.95 processing fee to process your warranty claim - but who would have thought you have to pay $3.95 for EACH LID, each of which has to be input as a separate claim, and repeat all your information on each line about your name, address, the type of lid etc. etc. for each and every claim - who has time for that? Three of my lids are the same. Who charges a separate fee for someone who is sending eight lids back together? I think this process has been developed to encourage anyone just to give up and is clearly a way to alleviate Tupperware of any cost to themselves.

This is not a warranty and if they are concerned about the majority of people who of course would not have their receipts from 20 or even two years ago (it was never a condition to have to keep your receipts either …) - ask for more info from the consumer about how and when they purchased them. I have a pantry full of Tupperware - would hardly buy all that from the op shop!

It’s an abuse of the word “warranty” and false and misleading advertising, because it’s not a warranty and the prices of this plastic are over-inflated to cover for this. What happened to just returning your lids to a consultant, who already has an account and is already sending and receiving product, as we used to do? Will never buy Tupperware again and nor will many of my friends having learned about this. Decor is just fine! :slight_smile: I will be proceeding with a complaint to the ACCC.


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Too bad the 2021 Shonkys were awarded without Tupperware being suitably recognised.

Maybe next year?


I was a part time Tupperware dealer for many years and counted on the “lifetime Warranty” to put the quality of my product above all the others on the market.

This decision will severely impact the loyalty that the company has worked so hard to build and it will also make it harder for their demonstrators to sell the product. Many will just simply leave.

Also the quality of competitors product has been increasing rapidly with brands like Oxo and Systema now lasting much longer.


Changing the goal posts is something governments have been doing for centuries, and so I guess it’s not surprising to see companies doing the same. Tupperware’s name has meant something in the past, and it has influenced me in buying their products but all that can stop at the snap of a finger, and I think I just heard it snap.

Given the manner in which Tuppeware is sold why would they want a receipt? Their products are branded. I keep receipts for 5 years. When I bought, a significant part of the deal was the guarantee. We all know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and so some part of the price I was paying included payment for the guarantee. That was the contract! There was no mention of a handling fee. That’s just an invention of Tupperware.

I can’t see the relevance of denying replacements to people who have bought up at an op-shop. Had those items remained with the original owners they would have been entitled to replacements of broken parts. It was never a point of sale that to be a bona fide guarantee claimant, I needed to be the original purchaser. The guarantee is a contingent liability on the part of Tupperware for every product they’ve sold, and paid for by every person who purchased products.

Is there such a thing as a class action within the small-claims court?


I don’t blame them when so many people were double claiming with photos and completely ripping off the system. As always in this day and age, it’s the fraud by some people that makes it harder for genuine people, New Zealand don’t charge anything but you do have to send your items back so they can inspect them and then they give you credit including shipping which is great because you can choose what you want and add other items. When you don’t know how much people scam really good warranty systems like this is easy to judge!


I just logged on to this community to complain about the same - I am going to add to the list above - I sent in a spice seal - was granted an e-voucher for $10 - I went online and the replacements only come in packs of 4 for $22 therefore the e-voucher does not even cover the cost of a replacement…… they appear to have worked out a way to make even more money….


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We no longer purchase Tupperware. It once offered an extensive range of better than average quality plastic products. To day there are so many other products to choose from, we don’t bother with the warranty. It’s not worth the effort.


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Continuing the discussion from Tupperware Lifetime warranty has changed a lot:

Hi I did the postage and $3.95 fee for 5 Tupperware pieces. Instead of sending me replacements they gave me 5 x $20 vouchers. I’ve tried to use them online but can only use one per purchase (and i cant get what i originally sent back). I contacted a Tupperware consultant and same thing. I decided i want to buy 1 item (that includes several containers) and pay the outstanding amount not 5 separate purchases of things i don’t want. Got any tips?


Hi @bwar,

Thanks for joining us. I’ve moved your conversation here so we can collect all the posts about this issue in one place, it might help us out in case of future CHOICE investigations.

Regarding this issue, as you have seen you are not alone. In the situation as you have described, you could try contacting the corporate office through the social media channels and see if common sense can prevail. They are active on a number of networks that you can find at the bottom of the site: Consultant Finder | Tupperware – Tupperware Australia

You might also try to persevere with different consultants. Sorry I can’t give you a more definitive route to sorting this out, if anyone else reading this has any success please leave a comment.


Thanks so much. I’ve tried those strategies with no luck. I’m finished with Tupperware (except for nominating them for a shonky award!)