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Hats Off to Tilley

This post is inspired by Tupperware’s warranty changes to show there are some quite extraordinary companies out there.

I bought my first Tilley hat sometime in the early 1990’s in the USA. Guaranteed for life; if your Tilley hat wore out or had a manufacturing defect you took it to a ‘Tilley shop’ and they would give you a new one. End of process. Nowadays they require the hat be registered as well as proof of purchase. The guarantee itself has not changed.

After 30 years of service worn almost daily most years I noticed the fabric fraying up from under the band and working its way up. I contacted Tilley giving details of when purchased and the guarantee T&C of the times. It was a crisp process. They asked for photos of the fault, accepted the claim, and after a very lightweight process where the most onerous was cutting the crown off the faulty Tilley and sending photos, they shipped a new hat (from Canada) for a very reasonable postage charge. I also have some Tilley clothing from the same period that might rival the durability of a brick. Not cheap merchandise, but of singular quality and what a company!

If you think buying multiple cheap hats over time is a better deal go for it. If you want a hat that will become one of your 'best friends’ seek a Tilley. A comfort blanket for adults. Not an advertisement, just as high a recommendation as I could give a hat or a company. nb. It is a different hat product than Akubra’s and some might prefer an Akubra.

Part of the legend -


I have a similar durability experience with Canadian Kodiak hiking boots that have lasted over 50years without the need for any repair. The original white sole is a bit worn, but still in very good condition. Amazing quality.


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