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Tupperware 'Lifetime' warranty issues

I’ve also had to send multiple lids back to Tupperware and pay a $3.95 processing fee for each lid I claimed. Only to be given a credit of $10 for 2 lids! For one type of lid and a different amount for another lid. They cost $8.50 each! Firstly that only buys me 1 lid! And secondly why not send me the dam lids?They are available and not out of stock! As I’ve checked. I have emailed Tupperware saying I don’t want the credit just the replacement lids. They never contacted me by email or phone! Plus it cost me $15 to send all 8x lids!


a “grate” many years

The warranty claim process has no value or economic sense to a customer
I had a seal with a crack in it so figured since Tupperware is so expensive I should make a warranty claim on the item, what a bad idea!

I had to pay $8.00 to post the seal to Tupperware
I had to pay $3.95 to Tupperware to process the claim
Tupperware did not replace the seal
Tupperware gave me a $10 credit to spend online
Tupperware charge $9.95 postage to send an item purchased online
Tupperware kept the seal I sent to them (Could have and I should have just glued it back together)
I now have a container that is useless because Tupperware did not replace the seal
I cannot buy a replacement seal online
I now have to buy a whole new container because Tupperware have not honoured their lifetime warranty.
I have a net 5 cents (After a postage charge) to buy a new item online at their store.
It has cost me $11.95 to get the 5 cent credit to buy a new seal.

Have I missed something because to me I’m now $11.90 out of pocket and I have no useable tupperware container.
I would have been better off financially to throw the item in the bin, forget about a warranty claim and just buy a new item online

On another item I received a net $17.05 credit less the $11.90 for posting item back to them and processing fee I paid = $5.15 net credit . To buy online from tupperware a replacement item it will cost $55.00.

I don’t think Tupperware have or should be advertising any lifetime warranty .
With no economically viable warranty process their products are over price…I’m off to the supermarket to get a much cheaper product.


I am glad I found this site. I have Tupperware pieces I bought many years ago and was easily able to obtain replacement lids - just give them the mold numbers and pay $5 for shipping. I have done it more than once. But I have been trying to replace 3 more lids/seals since last August. All I get when I call customer service is that the system is being upgraded. When I called in January, they took the information and gave me a ticket number, but have not heard anything since. Called again today and got “system is under development”. Just wanted to vent and was trying to find someplace to make others aware of the problem.

Do “Tupperware parties” still exist?? If there is a local distributor in the district of the person wanting the replacement, I imagine it would be far more efficient for both Tupperware and the customer, for the item/s to be shipped with that distributor’s order. I have a house full of Tupperware, and indeed, a bag of broken lids. It disappoints (and angers) me to think of what used to be a simple replacement system being turned into this convoluted misery. If a seal for an item was no longer available, you could just give the whole item to your distributor, and receive a credit for it in due course. I’m not sure Tupperware can even be recycled in the local council bin?? I thought there was some issue with its chemical makeup?

They still do, but suspect not as popular as they did in the past. See: