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How about Ebay not cracking down on the following practice which is making purchases more difficult:

Say someone wants a particular item (from an Australian buyer) and they does a search on Ebay (this is the first one I could think of and bingo, it is good example):

Now searching for silicon baking mat to start that Christmas baking with, I searched ‘silicon baking mat’ and also filtered using Australia only.

This was one at the top of the search result list and not alone:

Now, looking at the search results, it looks like the mats range from $2.99 to $24.25. Now I wonder if the $2.99 is the small one shown in the image…when one clicks on the link, this is what one gets:

The $2.99 is for a cream cups scraper, which has nothing to do with a silicon baking mat. When one then selects the smallest baking mat, one finds that the price is in fact $11.29

The initial search results are deceptive and misleading and sellers use this practice for a wide range of goods to try and get their search result at the top of the list. While the seller may get clicks to their products and potentially increase sales, it makes eBay a big of a joke as they are not stamping out this practice. If the practice grows (becomes more popular with sellers, and then almost every seller does it), eBay will become a waste of time.

This is a real shonky practice which eBay should be addressing to ensure that the customer experience of using their site is not impacted.


Good suggestion :lemon:


Some days I think the internet itself should receive a special mention Shonky, but alas its denizens reflect the breadth of humanity for better and worse.


That’s an interesting thought (although perhaps a little outside of our typical scope :smile:)


I nominate
It meets the criteria of
Faulty product, broken promises on Warranty, customer (me) frustration due to poor communication from them replying to emails. Their ratings are majority 5 star which is why i trusted them but i think the reviews not really genuine as bad reviews are weeded out. I have now started a dispute resolution through PayPal.

Identifying offshore ecommerce sites
Identifying offshore ecommerce sites

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Identifying offshore ecommerce sites

Their reviews on Product Review certainly sum them up. 19 Terrible and 3 Excellent, the latter I would take with a grain of salt.


PayPal is certainly your best option based on my personal experience when the useless CBA claimed that there was nothing they could do after many weeks whereas PayPal had the money back into my account in just a few days.


Thanks @WonderWoman. You’ll be considered for Friday’s draw. Here are last week’s winning suggestions :slight_smile:

@grahroll’s Cash n Go ‘instant loan’ kiosks suggestion; dodgy ‘discounts’ that won’t save you much; and the Pete Evans alkaline water bottle that promises to make you healthier (there’s no evidence it will do you good). We’ll announce the grand-prize winning ‘People’s Shonky’ when we announce the Shonky Awards next month.


Why just the internet? life itself. Can we get a refund ? :wink: We like to think we are so much more civilised in this age, but really we are still largely in two groups, the hunters, and the prey … (there is that little group off to the side consisting of the people on this site - the hunters of the hunters you might say … but typically because we are sick of being the prey …)


This gem came to me via a sponsored link on yahoo news.

I learned a lot from the ad, including that we have ultra HD FTA TV broadcasting as well as more services than services. We apparently already have over 1 million of these gems in Australia already.

… new “super” antenna that can pick up over-the-air TV signals no other antenna was able to pick up before. So you may get up to 100 channels in crystal clear HD completely free and legal.

…The secret to that is a law that no cable company wants you to know about. It states that every cable company has to provide additionally to the normal signal an over-the-air signal.So in order to not break the law the cable companies distribute this signal but in a low frequency- so almost no antennas were able to pick it up reliably. (really?!)

…You can tune into almost every channel 24/7 for free. 7mate, 7TWO, 9Go!, ABC News, Eleven, and many more all in Ultra HD. One thing to note is that the optimal range is 30 miles from a TV broadcast point but it can be boosted up to 75 miles. All over the world. Weather and environmental factors may impact reception but with TvFix’s advanced technology this barely will bother you.

All UltraHD already. Wow! But the more I read, the more it is a TV antenna :laughing:

edit:product and hype looks familiar, different name, courtesy of yahoo again. Only 18 left, hurry! Ends 18 Sep. Enter your zip code to see if your region qualifies :laughing:

A snip in case it goes missing


Courtesy of @Fred123


I am not sure which I am nominating here. This swimsuit that cannot come in contact with chlorine? The women buying them? Both?

Gardening hourly rate

I guess if she insists on taking it off before hitting the water I’d be considered impolite to complain :wink:


Great suggestion. Who would buy this type of thing?

Here’s last week’s winners - Loreal’s excessive and confusing packaging; Nurofen’s age-based price trickery - same active ingrendient, two different prices; and dodgy comparison sites in particular insurance company ‘comparison’ website that only sell their own brand.

One more week and we’ll be running a poll where everyone can vote for the People’s Shonky :lemon:


It would appear that Reckitt Benckiser has learnt nothing from their record $6 million fine in 2016 for their previous shonky claims regarding “different” versions of Nurofen products.

Perhaps they are just slow learners with too much money.


I tried to view the individual items in the latest SpotAShonky post but it only shows a larger version of the posted image.

Is there a link for the Dodgy Comparison Sites?


Choice has this site, but it seems to be a parallel universe from the weekly awards on .community.

The search atop the page is a choice search, not a shonky search.


@Fred123 oh sorry for the confusion, it’s just the one image and the dodgy comparison sites was entered via Facebook. Some sites are actually owned by the insurance companies they’re supposedly comparing, which sparked the nomination. Here’s the article:

@TheBBG the SpotAShonky website displays entries from Twitter, Instagram and direct uploads to the site. I can see how the site search function is possibly a bit confusing.

Some of the weekly winners have been collected from the site, others from Facebook or here in the forum. Worth noting that the recent entries are still in the running for this week’s draw :slight_smile:


It could be men buying them you know :wink: