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I was wondering if it was UV rated and safe to wear out doors. Then I remembered it might need to be stinger proof and cover from ankles to neck and wrists.

I think that’s a no from me.

Speedos make a much bolder style statement and you can stil use them as swimwear.


I understand, and I must take the bait.

‘Honey, you look terrific in that new Gucci swimsuit, so not to spoil it when you go in the pool I’ll be happy to hold it for you.’


A thought for the mislabeled foods and other products that don’t actually contain the main ingredient in the name. Change the labelling laws so that they must append “ish” to the ingredient name. Everybody would know exactly what was meant.

So we would have “banana-ish cake” and “cherry-ish slice”.

It could even be extended to occupations, “trustworthy-ish banker” and “honest-ish politician”.


There’d be more than a few in trouble. Love it :rofl:


Women who buy Gucci swimsuits don’t like to get wet. It is more about looking glamorous displaying your body in a expensive brand piece.


Borat wore them well :wink:


VOTE for the People’s Shonky!

Thanks to everyone who joined our #SpotAShonky competition! It’s time to vote for your favourite entries:

  • :lemon: the Bunnings price guarantee – that isn’t always guaranteed, thanks to tricky product codes
  • :lemon: Coles Little Shop of potential choking hazards
  • :lemon: Photography ‘competitions’ where everyone’s a winner, and everyone pays.
  • :lemon: Cash n Go ‘instant loan’ kiosks for their ability to impact the disadvantaged
  • :lemon: Dodgy ‘discounts’ that won’t save you much
  • :lemon: Pete Evans alkaline water bottle that promises to make you healthier (there’s no evidence it will do you good)
  • :lemon: Loreal’s excessive and confusing packaging
  • :lemon: Nurofen’s age-based price trickery - same active ingredient, two different prices
  • :lemon: Dodgy comparison sites in particular insurance company ‘comparison’ website that only sell their own brand
  • :lemon: Gucci $470 Swimsuit that can’t get wet
  • :lemon: Overpriced avo on toast
  • :lemon: The big banks and the many failures revealed in the Royal Commission into Banking

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The top three will receive pre-paid debit cards of values $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd and $200 for third. Visit find full terms, conditions and prize details.

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You don’t pay $400 for a great fit, long wear or the cool breeze having access to you bod but so everybody knows you can afford waste and poor value for money. Conspicuous consumption or potlatch without the calories.


The “no swim” swimsuit takes the biscuit. I wonder how long it will take for the fashionistas to wake up to the fact that nearly all clothing is made in China, even if it has a “designer” label attached.


It’s getting close!

Also vote on the People’s Shonky in this thread if you have not already.


The Shonky awards are underway! Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.


Charging dead people for advice is a headline that should be flashed around the world. I’ve never seen necromancy listed in the job description of a financial planner so perhaps they are justified in going above and beyond their call of duty by giving advice to the dearly departed. Either that, or they have no respect for the competition in the Shonky Awards.


:lemon::lemon::lemon: Here they are, the winners of the 2018 #Shonky Awards! #Shonkys


Great to see one of the banks receive the recognition they deserve.

Hopefully the CEO will personally receive this prestigious trophy.


We’re also pleased to announce the SpotAShonky competition winners, where CHOICE followers nominated their own ‘People’s Shonky’.

Each week in the month-long lead up to the Shonkys, we chose three winners. These winners then advanced to the final round where people could vote across multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the CHOICE Community. Here were the three items that received the most votes:

1 - Coles Little Shop (of potential choking hazhards)
2 - Gucci $470 Swimsuit (that can’t get wet)
3 - The big banks for repeated malarky uncovered in the Royal Banking Commission

We’ll be in touch with the winners directly.


News of the lucky 2018 Shonky winners is already spreading far and wide.

The sort of publicity that money just cannot buy.


That’s what the Banks said about The Banking Royal Commission :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


Some shots from around the office for the Shonky awards today.

And also some videos for our Shonky award winners:


It’s unfortunate the Federal Govt held back on releasing the latest quarterly update on Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions till Friday night on 28th Sept.

Now that I’ve had a chance to read it and look at the content, and here the feedback from others it deserves to be in the running, but has been too late to the starters gate.

There’s not enough room here to make a simple assessment. Politely it has been highly selective in what is presented and how it is presented. A simple analogy would be viewing a short film clip of a horse race around the half way mark where the favourite comes from the middle of the field to the outside leading into the bend. It might be ahead , it might not depending on which camera you use. And because it has moved to the outside with ease it is a shoe in to cross the line first in another mile.

Place your bets!


And the illustrious winners have now achieved extra fame and misfortune with the ABC News website.

Perhaps Choice could do a spoof of the various movie, TV and music awards nights, but there might be a problem with getting the nominees to attend, unless they were under an impression that the trough was overflowing.