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King Living - faulty $16,000 couch and terrible service

Just want to see if others have experienced similar issues with King Living. We bought a $16,000 lounge suite from Canberra store. On delivery it was thrown roughly off the truck, put together without proper testing and as soon as the installer contractors left and we sat in it / loud clunks in mechanism of 3 of 5 seats. A year later and several failed replacement mechanisms later 2 of the seats still not fixed- products now made in China not Australia. The service has got too be the worst i have ever experienced and its certainly the most overpriced expensive faulty thing i have bought. I chase them, they dont reply and the odd time they do its generic crap about covid delays, shows a complete lack of knowledge or care that their product is still faulty 12 months after delivery and they incorrectly blame their repair contractor for delays. I have asked them on multiple occassions to take it away and give us a refund. I have told them i intend to start small claims action but they just sont care. Will never buy anything from them again.


Hi @Grimka and Welcome to the Community,

Considering the history you posted you need to read your rights in the Australian Consumer Law, review advice from Choice and the ACCC, linked in many topics on the Community, and immediately go formal with a well written ‘Letter of Complaint’ putting your case and what you want by when.

Be sure everything is in writing and in a dossier format should you go to your xCAT for restitution. In the first instance the Letter goes to King Living, the retailer; and if they fob you off (again) make a formal complaint to your fair trading (whose participation can be from helpful to a waste of everyone’s time), and then on the the tribunal.

Unfortunately some businesses need ‘persuasion’ to deliver on your rights and know the limits of what fair trading can and will do, and essentially thumb their noses until the customer goes away. Taking it to the tribunal is a different matter, but prior to doing that the consumer needs to start with a formal letter of complaint backed by evidence, the history, and work through the process.

They know their worst downside is refunding your lounge and the upside is you won’t follow through and will eventually go away. Keep that in mind as you work through the system. Please keep the topic updated with how you go.


One take on what “King” living is all about.

And more up to date,

With a reputation to protect one might also ask if the service @Grimka has received is really how the business sees itself or in this example there is a more immediate problem senior management would like to remedy.

What would Oprah think?

Hopefully the lines of communication open in response.


In my experience fluff pieces, and that is what the link is, are not always congruent with business practices, yet citing the contents of such articles in a formal complaints process can be helpful to an unhappy customer.


Hi All, just an update to let you know i think i have had success - i emailed CEO and attached the 30 emails showing the 13 months of failed fixes and rubbish after sales service, and they are coming to get the lounge suite and apparently i will get a full refund. So now we have a substantial period with no couch but am still glad to see the back of this one!


Hi Grimka, we have a similar problem with King Furniture. We had 2 couches delivered and installed back in April which had some obvious stains on some cushions. One of these stains was identified and a tech guy subsequently came to attempt to remove them. He wasn’t able to, and a replacement cushion for only one of them was ordered. We were contacted by customer service back in May to confirm that one is on order. A follow contact with customer service a week after this to express our requirement of an extra cushion replacement, and our overall displeasure with the entire customer service experience has so far gone unanswered!

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All i can suggest is kerp record of your emails and demand replacement or refund and cite consumer rights. I also found going above the standard customer rep the only way i got my refund and i waited a year to do that but by then i had 30 emails showing how useless their product and service was. We have now bought a nick Scali couch at 1/4 of the price - i just hope its less bother than the King couch!

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You might have a top experience, but if you have any issues with that one you may find these other topics interesting.

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Oh dear - that sounds like the same crap just different name! At least the amount spent is a lot less and its not leather this time. We did pay extra for after sales care so hopefully that helps if we need it. We wont get it for another 2 months. Will report back when i get it.


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