Problems with Nick Scali Furniture 2017-2021

I want to know if any other subscribers have experienced a nightmare which I am still unable to escape from. I purchased a BLACK leather lounge suite in April of this year 3 months later it finally arrived, it was assembled in my house by the bloke who delivered, after he left we noticed that the legs were wobbly, the leather was deeply marked, and that some of the screws to anchor the legs were screwed in at side angles and some not at all. I started the long process of complaining to Nick’s staff who have the thickest of skins - they sent a man who has the title “aftercare furniture technician” he agreed that the lounge was a mess and that it would have eventually collapsed. Many phone calls and repeating my story to numerous plus putting a negative post on their Facebook page (that never appeared hahaha) I was told I would get a replacement leather lounge suite which came last Friday only problem was that it was GREY…it is now 5 months later and the problem remains no one has bothered to apologise or made contact I am just sitting here awaiting the next part of the nightmare that they will inflict upon me do yourself a favour the furniture might look fabulous BUT the customer service and aftercare is absolute CRAP think before you purchase from Nick Scali


Make a complaint to your State’s Office of Fair Trading, if paid for by Credit Card seek a refund/chargeback, use Choice’s help service if a member and also lodge a complaint with the ACCC. Keep detailed records of calls, letters/emails sent and received, note dates of visits by delivery and “tradesmen”, keep your order documents and copy them to attach to any correspondence you send, and take photos of the item/s.


I had a similar experience with Nick Scali. We spent some time looking for a new lounge, a 2-seat plus 2 chairs. We emphasized to the sales staff that we wanted a smaller model as neither of us are tall. There is nothing so uncomfortable as a chair where your feet don’t touch the floor or the back doesn’t support because the seat is too deep. We sat in everything on the floor and decided on the model. Only an example of the chair was on the floor but we were told the 2-seat would match. This suite is not a cheapo but a medium price leather costing about $1000 per seat.

Months later the suite was delivered. After a week or two we found the 2-seat was not comfortable compared to the chairs. I carefully measured them all and found the 2-seat was several centimeters taller and deeper in the seat than the chairs. I supplied the exact figures with photos to prove it to NS. Then followed a long and frustrating argument which I will cut short.

  • We were told this is normal variation in manufacturing and to expect up to 10% variation. Except that some measurements were over 10% out. What kind of quality control do they have?
  • The seat would compress somewhat with use and all would be well. The fact that if this was true the back would also compress which would make the seat even deeper was ignored.
  • The 2-seat is a recliner and the mechanism makes them a different height to chairs that are not. Clearly adapting to allow for this is beyond their design team.
  • We were referred to the information pamphlet (which you only get after the purchase) as justification for the variation. Except the pamphlet says up to 5% variation (not 10%) which made all the measurements out of bounds.
  • After being mislead by phone we asked for all communications to be in writing - this was ignored. We still had people from the complaints dept trying to talk us out of it by phone.
  • We were told tough, no further action.

So of course we went to Consumer Affairs who were quickly on the case. Our case was clearly within the rule that says goods delivered must match samples provided at time of purchase. At last we got a concrete offer. They would give us a refund and we could pick another model but the exchange would be at our expense. As we are in a rural area this would be several hundred dollars. We refused. Consumer affairs asked what would be acceptable. We said first preference they re-make the 2-seat to the right size and pay the freight. Second preference we get a replacement or refund and they pay the freight. They refused option 1 and we settled on option 2, choosing another model of recliner 2-suit. They grudgingly agreed. We waited the manufacture and delivery period again and the swap was done. The result is acceptable but not ideal, by this time we just wanted a bloody lounge suite!

In summary the tactics from the NS complaints dept was NOT to make good the error or to keep the customer happy. It was instead to spin, delay, invent excuses and ignore whatever we said. If we had not pursued this for weeks we would have got nothing.

The next time we need furniture there is one place we will not look.


I’m glad you reached a satisfactory outcome, even though it may not have been entirely happy. Major furniture manufacturers seem to have no idea of the shape and dimensions of the human body and make lounge seating for people with short lower legs, extraordinarily long upper legs and a lumbar region about 500 mm above their bum. It is very simple to make comfortable furniture (many good books about human dimensions and ergonomics), so why the bloody hell don’t they? Because it’s all about style over substance!


We bought a 21/2 seat leather double recliner from Nick Scali. We were building a house and we were assured that it would be ok for the lounge, once manufactured, to be held in their warehouse for 2-3 months while the house was completed. We had numerous conversations with them cancelling delivery dates that they decided on with no consultation. We had to talk hard to get them to hold it for three months. After that we had to rent a storage locker for a period as the house (of course) took longer than expected. It was delivered to the locker and left wrapped in its factory wrapping for the delivery to the house. My partner had to sign his acceptance of the condition of the lounge although he had not seen it. Eventually we got it to the house and unwrapped it and all was well and we are happy with our purchase. But they were not at all easy to deal with.

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This is a good warning for the rest of us - Don’t buy furniture from Nick Scali.

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I had heard a lot of bad things about Nick Scali, so when we went lounge shopping 3 years ago I initially avoided them. However, my husband dragged me into their shop and they had exactly what I wanted. My son had bought a lounge suite from them some years earlier and was very happy with it. I just loved the colour and style of this particular lounge so we ordered it. We initially had a few problems with it which were fixed in a timely manner. Our previous leather lounge was bought from Demer, it was an overpriced disaster. I’m very happy with our lounge, in fact I love it. I have 6 grandchildren who climb all over it in their shoes, spill food, play with the electric recliners and it still looks like new. Perhaps lounges are like electrical goods and cars where you just get a lemon.


Interesting article from a couple of years ago … Family business I guess …

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Just a few weeks ago I was looking around for a new lounge. We have a King Delta - virtually every part of the “set” and I wouldn’t rate them. In my search; I read quite a few negative reviews for Nick Scali Furniture (acknowledging that people mainly seem to take to the internet to review a product when they’re unsatisfied). I’ll be steering clear of Nick Scali Furniture now for sure. It seems, however, that you’re taking a chance wherever you go and I am going to sound old saying, “they just don’t make things like they used to”. Sorry for your frustrating, expensive and time wasting experience. Maybe contact Dept Fair Trading. They helped me when I bough a bed from Snooze at Bankstown (Sydney) and I ended up resolving the issue very well.

Thanks for this comment. We will be rebuilding on our current block next year and I’m in the process of doing a fair bit of research; not only architects/builders but furniture. In realistic anticipation of issues, I think I would avoid purchasing from Nick Scali Furniture as the overwhelming theme with them seems to be that, in the event of a problem, they are evasive and unhelpful. Unacceptable at any time but worse when you consider Scali Furniture tout themselves as high end - with prices to match! Thanks again.

Nick Scali (NS) does have nice furniture, and you do pay a premium. You also have to wait 3 months for the furniture to be manufactured and delivered. All that is acceptable.
We bought a couch from NS. Waited the compulsory 3 months and then was informed that we could collect. They couldn’t deliver because we live 300km’s from the store we bought it from (our closest store) and even further from the warehouse where it gets send to. So we had to arrange our own transport. Come the pre-arranged collection day our transporter arrive at the store and were told they are not allowed to help him load the couch. They would not let him borrow a jack or nothing. No help whatsoever. I phoned the store, wrote to customer service, and all I got was “sorry we cannot help you”. So I paid somebody else to go and help load the couch, just to be told no we have to arrange another day for collection because they took it away when we were not able to load the first time we arrived. What a load of bull. The wrapped couch was still standing there and they refused to give it to the transporter that I organised.
Never will I buy something again from Nick Scali. Worst customer service ever and no help at all.


While it is after the fact, read the NS T&C. It warns they are not going to help load a truck but it does not warn they will not allow the use of their equipment, however ‘a’ strongly implies ‘b’.

That is worth a formal complaint to their head office, especially if you advised you would return that day. But NS seem less than customer friendly since they hide contacts behind each showroom, a web form, and a single 1300 number.

They also have a facebook page but still appear not to want to hear from unhappy customers since all one can do there is send a PM. This dated FB thread gets exposed by google - entertaining in a black sort of way that you are not alone.

It is apparent nothing can go wrong in their minds and thus they do not wish to hear about it. This could be the contact info you want.


The problem that I had was the chairs provided were not the same as the on the showroom floor. The chairs were a different height to the ones we tried out.

In their pamphlet (which you only get after you pay) there are disclaimers that due to manufacturing tolerances what you see is not necessarily what you get. When it was pointed out that the legislation specifically says goods delivered must match the sample provided they still argued.

During the negotiation stage I insisted that they put everything in writing as I was getting told conflicting stories. They still phoned up and tried to schmooze me into giving up the fight, in the end I had to tell them to email me and hang up.

After much argument only after bringing in authorities they grudgingly exchanged the chairs - after another 10 week wait. The replacements were slightly better.

My impression is that after sales ‘service’ people are instructed to play hardball for as long as possible.


Finally a company that seems to make HN service look good. Who would have thought?


Beware. what gets delivered isn’t always the same quality as what you see on the floor

Saw a magnificent timber TV console - we fell in love with it and bought it on the spot - discounted to $1990.00 from $2500.00. Imagine our dismay when what arrived had a highly visible patch on the front, multiple tools marks and a few gouges. Nothing like the beautifully sanded piece of perfection in the store. WE complained and after a few weeks of chasing up central office, and multiple excuses on their part - they delivered a second one. we refused delivery as it was marginally better than the one in our possession but still not up to the standard of the showroom piece. At this point, we suggested that they swap the inferior product we had with the one on their showroom floor. They refused. We then asked them to check the next one they brought out before delivering it to make sure it was of the same quality. several weeks later, after chasing them up again (head office), they informed us that none of the ones in stock were of the same quality. They still refused to swap it for the showroom one. when informed I was prepared to go to Consumer Affairs, they agreed to refund our money plus delivery charges - which they did (and picked up the crap one they tried to palm off on us). The store employees were dismayed but hamstrung by their head office.

I find it bizarre that a company which spends so much money on promoting itself as a purveyor of quality goods is prepared to break consumer laws by selling products which are so inferior to the product on display. Clearly, they rely on the average customer accepting rubbish when too many obstacles are placed in their way.

we wont be buying anything from them again and have advised all our friends not to as well.

Shame on you Nick Scalli.

*Hi Merlin,

I’m sorry to hear of your concern and for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

From looking into your order, it seems the markings on your TV units were natural markings which can be expected and although the markings on your original TV unit do appear more prevalent to the item in our showroom, this is not considered a fault or defect in the product. I apologise if this hadn’t been the outcome you had hoped, however, I do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to provide us with your honest feedback; allowing us to better the Nick Scali experience in future.

Thank you for your time.


Nick Scali Customer Care

And this is exactly what I expected to hear back.
The truth is that the displayed product was the only one without any imperfections it had received considerably more sanding as well than the others, as such it was not representative of the stock you were selling. If that wasnt the case, you would have been happy to replace the one we were given with the display model as asked.

Very disappointed but not surprised.

Someone has just informed me that the items that appear in Nick Scali’s display stores are the best samples and prior to being placed on the showroom floors, considerable custom work is done on them to make them look even better. That explains a lot!


given your response that the markings on our tv console were “natural markings” and that the markings on the console we received " do appear more prevalent" than the display model - I have added 4 more pictures of the furniture item you sent us. These clearly depict the “natural” tool markings. Re the few natural knots - be reminded that there was not one knot on the display cabinet - it had been sanded to perfection.

(see pictures on

for anyone not aware of their consumer rights - see the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s publication on your consumer rights at

The applicable clause here is :

There is a guarantee that if you have chosen goods based on a sample or
demonstration model the goods must match in quality, state or condition.



Hi @evan1, your link to is quite generic, eg to their home page. If you are not aware you can upload photos to this forum via the upload icon atop the editing window.


BTW, well done to have stood your ground.


Well done for sticking up for your rights.

It is very disappointing that a company like Nick Scali would be misleading in its in-store product displays. The Australia Consumer Law makes it very clear that what is advertised (such as that on in-store display) should be the same as that sold to the customer. Not doing so is misleading and/or deceptive behaviour.

One would think that a representative sample of that delivered to a customer is displayed so that a customer can see the likely variations in the natural materials and potentially workmanship. Displaying a perfect example of the product when all others are nowhere near as perfect leaves a lot to be desired.

While it doesn’t solve your problem as you still don’t have a timber TV console (which it appears you should have subject to Nick Scali’s poor practices) and may take some time to find another which meets your taste and quality expectations, at least they came to the party and refunded the amounts paid.


You can see the photos and original posts at


Perhaps if one knew exactly what one was looking for maybe, but your link goes to a topic with 8,000+ reviews.


Oh! I tried to copy the actual URL of the page. the title of the review is

Beware. what gets delivered isn’t always the same quality as what you see on the floor

hope that helps