How quickly we forget

Sitting at the computer on one of Melbourne’s 33C hotties I started thinking about TV ads that were part of my life and what was taking place in said life when ads were being shown advertising various products . I’ll put the list below . See if you know the products being advertised from the hints given below . Will put answers in this post around 30th November . We are all consumers , hence we are on this forum . Some will be easy for you . Some hard hard to pick .

  1. Put a tiger in your tank

2)Tony the Tiger

3)Bucky Beaver

4)" It’s your money Ralph "

5)" I’m no mess Charlie "

  1. Ad jingle "Got a call from Mr Fryer he’s bringing round a buyer "

  2. " Not happy Jan "

  3. " Your soaking in it "

  4. ad jingle " Go, go, go little big wheels "

  5. Mustang bred

  6. Madge

  7. "Hey Charger!!! "

  8. "You can get it ridin’ , you can get it slidin’ "

  9. " Sick em Rex "

  10. "It drives your engine clean "

Best of luck . Have fun .



Not cool. Taken years, nay decades to get them out of my head - now there they are, all dropped in to say hello like old friends I thought were dead … :wink: Not the mention the therapy :wink:


Remember Mrs Sparkle and Mr Sheen ? The music from it goes around and round in my head …

No worries with the man from Murrays
Louie the fly Louie the fly straight from rubbish bin to you
Trust Bristish Paints Sure Can
Wally Walpamur

Give it the Flick


Arghhh memories . Classic great TV .:see_no_evil:

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Hot right to the core?

… and our early American influence? with real herbs!


Well done. I thought I might have been the last to remember the Uncle Sam gems. I especially loved the one in the double deck bus giving deodorant to Chinese and Russian soldiers with a ‘you need Uncle Sam’ - amazing it does not pop up on a simple YouTube search… The irreverence was brilliant.


“Take it away Boris!” or “Let 'er rip Boris old son” :musical_score:

“Up, Up, & Away…” :balloon:

“… Cleans so much more.”

“a little dab’ll do ya”

“… like this liquid gets into chalk…”


Answers to ad quiz

1 ) Esso Petrol

2 ) Kellogs Frosties Breakfast cereal

  1. Ipana Tooth paste

  2. State Savings Bank of Victoria

  3. Ajax Powder

  4. Ajax Spray and Wipe

  5. Yellow Pages

  6. Palmolive Dish washing Liquid

  7. Holden Torana 4 cylinder Car

10 ) 1967 XR Ford Falcon Car

11 ) Palmolive Dish Washing Liquid .

  1. Chrysler Valiant Charger Car

13 ) Victoria Bitter Beer

14 ) Holeproof Antz Pantz womens briefs

15 ) Caltex CX 3 Fuel


Tempus fugit! :airplane:

I must have missed Christmas :tired_face:


Typo error .Still must be recovering from my op . Must have anaesthetised me real hard . I mean’t the 30th November . My bad :pensive: All done and dusted now . You can enjoy your Christmas Tamas .


Does anyone know why Cadbury’s changed their ad for the little girl buying the chocolate bar with buttons and icons…….she used to get her horse back as ‘change’ now she gets no change


I can’t say I’m familiar @geraldgeast1, but perhaps it will stoke some nostalgia for some Community members :slight_smile:


Heh it’s a recent ad. The little girl goes into a store to purchase a block of chocolate. She pays with various items like buttons and a toy horse. The original had the shopkeeper handing the horse back. The girl then goes outside and hands the block to her mother and says something to the effect of “Happy Birthday Mum”, the shop keeper then smiles.


Maybe the shop keeper realised the horse was a unicorn and not real (currency) and why it was handed back.


No 13,

Yes, it might be a Vic Bitter add, however it was also an add for Bulimba Gold Top (just a few words adjusted), originally a product of the Queensland Brewery Ltd and produced in Brisbane.

CUB acquired the brewery and brands in 1961?

CUB continued to brew the drop and used the same add formats in Vic and Qld. Gold Top vanished. CUB later set about trying to convert Queenslanders and reinvent Vic Bitter (VB) colloquially know as ‘the green death’ using the same jingle!

Subsequently unwary southerns would full of good intents and hospitality turn up to BBQs etc in the north ladder with the stuff. No such thing as a bad beer? :partying_face::roll_eyes:


There we have it! :smile:


Gold Top was the worst Aussie beer I have ever tasted.

When I was a teenager, a group, of us who were at a course at the tech college in Brisbane went for a pub crawl around the CBD one night back when the pubs were either XXXX or Carlton but we came across one that served only Gold Top on tap.

We all walked out disgusted.

Some of the other pubs had great entertainment. We saw Max Merrit & The Meteors performing in one venue and Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs performing at another.

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One classic I recall was when the Austin Freeway was released in Australia in 1962 along with the radio ad jingle.

“Make way for the Austin Freeway, it’s the greatest car on earth”.

Amazing what you could get away with prior to the Trade Practices Act.

Even calling it a car would be pushing the boundaries now, let alone " the greatest car on earth".

However, it could justifabily be described as the greatest (…) on earth.