How quickly we forget

Sounds like you missed Captain Matchbox?

I’m not about to start a new topic on what brand and style of beer is your favourite. Everyone knows it comes form SA, full off all that flavour put into the water passed down from NSW and Vic? :rofl:

If you guessed Southwark we might all wonder why?
The true taste of the 1940’s according to this source.

Fortunately if we need to bring back the memories of silver bullets or KB Gold, there is another golden oldie that might plunge the depths of culinary perfection. Reschs DA in a tallie, wow!

Sorry to disappoint you but when I was young, my mates and I always consumed CUB beers with VB being a favourite in packaged beer and Cairns Draught being another for keg beer.

I never liked any SA or NSW beers but the worst Aussie beer was definitely Gold Top.

If it was any good, why was it scrapped decades ago?

These days I only drink Corona, the best beer I have ever tasted.

Memories of the 1970’s in Darwin . A person who obviously enjoys the amber fluid is lounging beside a swimming pool , big beer gut the works . The camera pans in on him , he holds up the can of beer he is drinking and says :

"Ask for the white can "

Was an add for Carlton Draught beer from memory .:rofl:

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Swan Special Light and Tooheys New also had a white base colour for their cans. It would seem unlikely either made the long trip that far north, particularly the ‘light’.

I’ll leave the taste test for someone else, considering:
On world rankings by one assessment Australia fails to get a mention anywhere in the top 50!

It may still be availability and coldness rate Aussie beers above any other aromatic and savoury sensations?

I prefer not to have favourites, just in case the options are limited. The beer without hops, a good hit of sugar, bubbles and gingery spice seems to be the most widely available. It’s also able to be enjoyed by nearly everyone. :smiley::yum:


Now Max Merritt has also passed away.

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