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Each month, we receive submissions about zany spelling or product descriptions that leave you with the wrong impression. We like to have a bit of fun with them and so we post them to the back page of the CHOICE Magazine in a section called Hard Word.

I thought it would be good to start a similar thread n the forum, for instances whereunit pricing just doesn’t fit. If you come across anything like this in the wild, be sure to add your example here.


Here’s another example sent to us via social media. Another (not so) “Special” deal:


Thank you! I’ve always felt short-changed by my online subscription not having the Hard Word page - and have never understood why it was missing…


I’ll be sure to post them here for you from now on :slight_smile:


Here’s the Diet special. I have mentioned this on the Choice community, and emailed the distributor, months later, no response, nothing has changed on the packet I bought this week. Global Seafood Distributors Australia Pty Ltd. Basa Fish Fillets.

The nutrition panel says 10 serves of 100g (1kg), but there’s only 800g in the bag, usually 6 fillets (133g ea). However the real howler is 80kj per 100g. In perspective, that’s a tablespoon of milk, 20% of a slice of sandwich bread, you’d need to eat 10.5 packets (8.4kg) of them for the average daily kj intake.

The CSIRO database has basa fillets 100g in a range of 332kj to 364kj.


That’s a contender for the mag for sure.


Reportable too I’d wager. I think the ACCC looks after such things.


The difference between what the box says and the price label at Coles. The unit pricing of course are similarly different on both pricings. Anyway a 10% increase, this isn’t the same across all the range of the Coles items in this section with some types still only $5 and $2 each a packet.


Perhaps they have raised the price but are still selling through the existing stock.

Did you notice if the barcodes are identical?

When Coles have products in the meat department on special such as chickens and the promotion finishes, the remaining special stock still sells at the label price whilst any fresh stock sells at the full price.

If the barcodes are the same, buy one of each product and if you are charged the shelf price, ask for a refund and keep the products for free.

It they scan for the old price and you don’t want them, return them for a refund.


Same barcode @Fred123. Same product, and we didn’t buy them. They should have obscured the price on the box or placed a label over it but they haven’t. They also have a larger range of similar stuff eg the Salt & Pepper Fish Bites but most of those prices are matching the box price to label price.


They should have done and one could easily argue to get the product at the boxed price.

If Coles had a price increase on the product they wished to pass onto their customer, an easy solution would have been to stack them without the box on the shelf.


I have always found that Coles do not increase the label price on products but they will place new labels over the existing ones when products go on special.

I also heard many years ago that is was supposedly illegal to increase the label price of existing stock on display.

I don’t know if it was true but with the barcode system being used these days, it would only affect products with individual price labels attached.


I would duck into Coles and grab some if they were chicken & veg and not just veg, but apparently we are getting a different deal according to the Coles website set for Mt Sheridan at a higher price and no labels on the packs.


Looks like we are getting the same thing that these elephants are.


It’s a Food Standards Code issue and complaints about possible non compliance with the Code should be should be made to the relevant state/territory agency.
They are listed here:


A cross post that may qualify considering the negative savings.


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My wife has been looking for a new cushion for Holly, our kelpie, and found this.

How much is it really?
$7.50 discounted from $15.00
$10 X however many weeks it takes for a total of ?? with zip
or afterpay 4 X 1.71 = $6.84


4 payments of $1.71 instead of $7.50 upfront?

Those reports in the media regarding negative interest rates must be correct.


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