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Flu shots ...................That time of year again



Murdoch? Then which publication is Mr T behind? …



This article is a timely reminder about the possible consequences of getting the flu.


It appears that Australians have been relatively lucky regarding flu this year thanks to more people getting vaccinated and some lucky guesswork with this year’s vaccination combination.


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An article regarding anti-vax idiots advertising their stupidity on a billboard in Qld.

These people have no regard to the safety of their own children or anyone else’s children.

I have posted a photo of a gravestone at the Thornborough cemetery. Thornborough was the gold mining town in FNQ which was responsible for Cairns being established.


The Murphy family headstone lists Michael and Joseph dying at 17 months, Elizabeth dying at 11 years, Kathleen dying at 7 months and Francis dying at 3 years and 6 months.

My wife and I have visited this cemetery, and this headstone is one of the saddest monuments we have ever seen.

No doubt their devasted parents would have welcomed any medical solutions that could have saved their 5 children.

My wife’s maternal grandmother was one of 9 children, of whom only 4 survived to 4 years old and grew to adulthood.

Getting a flu shot will make me sick?
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Some good news regarding a new record in child immunisation levels in Australia.


Some more good news. WHO declares that Rubella has been eliminated in Australia.


Some potentially good news for people affected by Coeliac Disease.


The anti-vax idiots strike again.

As they say, you just can’t help stupid.






My reaction comes down to something I read many years ago:
Whatever we do or fail to do;
No matter why we do or fail to do it;
We remain responsible for the consequences;
Of our actions and our failures to act.

Best advice is that inoculation is far more beneficial than risky. Experience bears that out. Any parents’ refusal to inoculate their child will have consequences. Missing out on preschool is the least of them. If their child sickens (and perhaps dies), then who’s responsible? If their child passes on a disease, that inoculation could have prevented, to another who (for whatever reason) could not be immunised, then who’s responsible?


Couldn’t agree more.

I hope that those who don’t believe (antivaccers) that vaccinations are too risky also don’t allow their children to swim, travel in a car, walk to school, play in playgrounds and the list goes on. These other activitirs are far more risky to a child health and wellbeing than potential and rare vaccination side effects. I possibly can assume that the children partake in these activities without any hesitation from the same parents.



Never had one - mainly because never had the flu - even when in '58 pandemic - now my sister in UK has hers every year and every year has the flu from it. Just goes to show eh!


One can’t get the flu from a flu shot…this is an urban myth.

It is likely that she has been either exposed to a flu strain which is not covered by the flu vaccination and may be in a high risk infection group.