Sewage and it's role in eradicating Polio

An interesting article regarding the eradication of polio.

Rotary Clubs did a sterling job vaccinating the world population against Polio. There was frustration when a few places resisted, preaching against it on religious grounds, or characterising it as a Western plot or just fear mongering about the risks of vaccination. Slowly countries were declared Polio Free. I went to College with a student who had Polio as a child, which disabled him as an adult. I was happy to donate to the Rotary program and was a Rotarian myself for many years.

As a Water & Sewer Engineer - sewerage tells us a lot about life in a town - including drug use. Anything you flush ends up in the gross pollutants trap - jewellery, Nemo plastic toys, soiled undies. Tomato and watermelon seeds survive the process and grow well around the Plant.

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