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Flu shots ...................That time of year again



Curious - thanks for the explanation - much appreciated!


Thanks very much for the detailed explanation - appreciated!


Have you thought that perhaps a person can contact flu between the jab and the two weeks it takes to build up immunity?

The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic killed 5% of the world’s population and it is still around in the mutated forms we are trying to combat today.


It is possible to still get the flu (strain covered by tye vaccination) until a immune response has been triggerred by the vaccination.

It is also possible that one catches the flu just before the vaccination is given.

It is also possible to get another flu, not covered by the vaccination, at any time. A vaccination does not cover all flu strains likely to be present, but usually only those strains likely to pose the most risk.

It is also possible a new high risk strain develops after the release of a vaccination…and such won’t be covered by a vaccination. While this is possible, it is better to have immunity to known flu strains than not to have the flu shot assuming that it won’t be effective.


Who, how, what and where? Just curious on how you arrived at this conclusion


Cryptic hints are all that most people can reveal in public for fear that the black helicopters will come for them in the night. However I can confirm, due to the protection of my metaliferous chapeau, that all this rubbish about getting inoculated and people reacting to the vaccine is just misdirection designed to conceal the real issue - continuing attempts by government and Big Pharma to control our lives. We are being sprayed with “flu vaccine” by every passing aeroplane. Chemtrails are real! Just look out the window! There are none so blind as will not see. Spread the word but ware 'copters.:wink:


Roflol nice humour there @syncretic. Black Helicopters :slight_smile: & Tin Foil hat, I do admit I remove my metal mental protection device every so often so that my sparse crown of hair can be doused by sunlight for short periods.


Yep, let’s just ignore the science and rely on anecdotal evidence. Brilliant.


I agree if your body’s defence mechanisms are working well, there is no need to get a flu shot, I haven’t had a cold or flu for many many years and yes, eating healthily, exercising and avoiding processed foods, alcohol and cigarettes can play a part in that.


So wrong in regards to you passing on the infection to others, just because you feel healthy does not mean you aren’t infectious. You don’t know you haven’t had the Flu, you may think you haven’t and I would hazard if you had tests to confirm that you had antibodies due to the exposure you would test positive.

Getting immunised is more about protecting others around you who aren’t healthy enough to get immunised, are too young to be, or whose immune system doesn’t work so well.

I recommend you read about “Typhoid Mary” as she was known, while it isn’t about Flu it is about people who spread disease without having symptoms themselves.


One of my favourite scenes from a US sitcom was an exchange on ‘Barney Miller’ (a detective comedy not a surfer). There was a character named Wojohowitz, a fairly dull detective who said something to the effect “I don’t know what, you eat healthy, you exercise regularly, and along comes a germ you can’t even see and bang you’re dead”.


Russian trolls doing vaccines. Who would have expected?


Wow. It makes me wonder, how deep will the Russians trolls go to spread discord?


The 24x7 internet news cycle and the gullibility of the masses is probably seen as the soft underbelly of the west. Political and conspiracy events in the USA and somewhat in the UK, with the possibility of us following along is their goal. ‘We’ appear to be unravelling ourselves. These are frightening times when people have been taught that, and accept there is nothing credible to believe, so they believe the rubbish, and here we are.


Maybe the Anti-vaccination camp is really a clandestine Russian mafia organisation, trying to infiltrate western society?

This is why it is very important not to trust information from non-credible sources. If one was sceptical rather than trusting, maybe many of the internet conspiracies would disappear or have limited followings?


This is all starting to sound like a Matthew Reilly novel to me.


Why wouldn’t those who tightly control media and free speech like to manipulate those who don’t for their own benefit?

Nah this is purposeful and well organised.


‘Russian trolls appeared to link vaccination to controversial issues in the US. Their vaccine-related content made appeals to God, or argued about race, class and animal welfare, researchers said. Often, the tweets targeted the legitimacy of the US government.’

The trolls offered opinions, not scientific evidence, so would have only influenced certain people. Note that the tweets took both sides, so it wasn’t just an antivax campaign. The aim seems mainly to sow dissent.


Do not be so gullible and trust everything you read in media, Murdock press have their own agenda.


I was not aware The Guardian was a Murdoch publication. I am aware it has won Pulitzer Prizes for top journalism. What are you suggesting I am gullible about?