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"Do not knock" front door sticker and so called "charities"


While that is true

That is not a bad philosophy, either.


Yes, I also found they used to be, absolutely infuriating, but fell short of being rude in anyway and just asked them not to ever come back as I will not donate to anyone that way or convert. I have worked hard in my lift to stay on top of things by not letting them win by making me feel bad enough to make myself feel bad in many ways. I have learnt to have more respect for myself by not letting the small stuff get to me and lets face it that is small stuff. I have been reading some of the comments and found that to tell lies to people at your door is easypeasy. It is not a good thing and does not stop them coming back, it just lowers people’s dignity and respect for them selves and in the end makes people feel worse about oneself. How’s the saying go “fight the good fight”. I don’t know why, but I don’t get them anymore, whether the pollis in S.A have stopped it here, not sure or maybe been polite has worked but I don’t even get religious callers or energy companies anymore either and no I did not convert. (LOL).


WOW @pjturner57! The fact that you are on a disability pension & that you are supporting 5 charities indicates you must be a generous person. Well done, you must be making a positive difference to so many peoples lives.
Nearly every charity that uses direct debit, usually has the funds going directly to their bank account, so you have eliminated these concerns anyway.
If you can’t afford it anymore, just explain to the charities you want to stop, and in my experience they understand and must comply with your request anyway.
Whether you are door knocked, receive a phone call or an appeal in the post - all you have to do is ask the charity to stop and they will.

If you have already done the above and they are still taking money out, (or knocking on your door) the charity is doing the wrong thing & you definitely should stop your direct debits immediately. They have a Code of Conduct that they must follow & you can “dob them in” to the Fundraising Institute of Australia ( )
If you haven’t done the above, give the charity a chance to do the right thing when you contact them, before stopping the direct debits. After all, the cause must be something important to you if you are donating to it.


Yes, as are politicians. (Who writes these laws?)

I suggest to every charity that ignores the DNCR listing that people are on there for a reason - they do not want to be called by random strangers at inconvenient times. I recommend that they refer to the DNCR in future in order to reduce wasted calls and decrease the number of people who angrily strike them off our donation lists.


One of the problems of VoIP - I have DIDs all over the place, about a dozen - I get the recorded calls from the head in the sand politicians (is there any other kind?) - luckily they go straight to my recording service, as the number is unknown … but it still wastes valuable seconds deleting them :slight_smile:


I live in a safe seat, so nobody ever calls to offer me anything :frowning:.


I agree, Meltam6554. I get a religious organisation every year even if I close the gate. They think they are immune to my “Do Not Knock” sign.
I feel for people who are elderly and those lonely- they are bait for these sharks!


The wife woman just starts talking about a female God to them, and most of the religious prothletisers very quickly do an about-face and head for the gate.


I like this idea! Perhaps say that we’re Wiccan, and there’ll be a naked dance at the next full moon, down at the orchards :smiling_imp:.


… would that make it a ‘pair’ orchard?


Wonderful! I will use your wife’s reply next time!


The second last time the Jehovah Witlesses knocked on our front door, I told them where to go and to not come back.

Nonetheless, they did return so I simply slammed our very heavy solid timber front door in their face.

They did not like that. I think they may have finally got the message as they have not been back since then.

Our neighbour over the road, who also cannot stand them, suggested that we should visit their homes at dinner time, to which I added that we should also bring a six pack.


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Some times it pays to be polite. We live far enough away to not get random charities door knocking, and have the home phone unlisted. It works mostly.

For those that do get past the barriers, politely they are advised we have already chosen our charities and contribute directly. Fact not fiction. There is no need to call again! It seems to have worked so far.

While I respect religious belief, rarely do we get offers at the front door to help rid us of our serpents and guide us to a more fulfilling life. If it means the red belly black snake stops hiding under the house they may be able to assist. It is polite to ask if they can assist, and I have advised that our Shinto or Buddhist inspired beliefs protect the life of the serpent.

The discussions that follow are polite and necessarily short. The snake is real, although more likely just another one of the pythons that lives in the roof. Mr Black is usually staking out the take away menu at the dam.


You could argue with vegans for souls of their cabbages.


Is your neighbour Kevin Wilson? He had an ‘interesting’ song called ‘the festival if life’ - search if you dare - language warning …

@postulative makes a good point. I find this particular song amusing but it’s fair to say this guy is not a fantastic role model …


I used to own his album when I was young and stupid. You didn’t mention his ‘middle name’, I see. Just a warning for people who want to check him out - he’s racist, bigoted, misogynistic and extremely sweary.


Yes, I probably didn’t go far enough in the warning - thanks :slight_smile:


Great one, Fred123. I won’t be slamming my door but will ensure I have a wine in my hand and to offer them one!