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"Do not knock" front door sticker and so called "charities"


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We still have a discreet sign up “close the gate, we have a dog” sort of thing; but our mini poodle went to dog heaven a long time ago.


When we moved to remote Australia, we were advised to have a picture of a vicious dog rather than anything written, because a significant segment of the break-in demographic could only ‘read’ a ‘picture’ …


“unsolicted marketing”
“unsolicited promotion”
“unsolicted vending”
“unsolicited trading”
“unsolicited selling”
are terms I put on laminated sign next to our front door (so they have already come thrugh our front gate)

Does someone promoting the concept that I should donate to a charity of their choice (when they are being paid by that charity) belong in the category “unsolicited promoting” ? I think it does


These are what I beleive religious groups do…sell, market and promote their own religion. I think that they should also obey the do not knock stickers…I am happy for genuine charties to knock, but not the religious groups which do the above as a form of initiation or to demonstrate their own religious beliefs.


Pity that the Do Not Knock Register Bill 2012 did not become law …


Although the law behind a Do Not Knock sticker does not apply to fundraisers for charities, the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA) has information for people wishing to make a complaint about charities and fundraisers who are FIA members.

Contact details for FIA


Although the law behind Do Not Knock stickers does not apply to researchers, the Research Industry Council of Australia (RICA) recommends that if you have a problem with a market research company that door-knocks, you can complain complaining directly to the research company in question or the industry Surveyline on 1300 364 830.

Contact details for RICA


The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) doesn’t let us bar market research company employees, volunteers/employees of registered charity, and marketing workers/volunteers for registered political parties.
=> but there are other laws which allow us to control who enters our residential properties (also business properties). So I can refuse entry, and if they have already entered I can insist that they leave.
(Obviously not talking about employees of local government , telecommunication carrier, state or federal government department which have defined entry rights).


I agree. The ‘do not knock’ sign was not sufficient to keep them at bay. Had to put up the ‘no canvassers, thank you’ sign and so far has worked!


I was constantly being interrupted at my front door by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons even though I had a sticker on the front door telling them not to. Nothing worked at all but I purchased a large sticker of a rainbow flag and put it on the door. I AM gay so am not lying. I have never been disturbed since.


Great move! Until I put up a “No Canvassing” sign, they said “we are not selling anything”!


Yes, they retreated so fast I think they thought it was contagious. I watched them from my balcony. It was hilarious!!