Delayed deliveries - what are your rights?

With package delivery problems on the rise, here’s a reminder of your rights and what to do if you’re having trouble:


I seem to remember that I received an email (since deleted) recently from Aust Post that deliveries will take an extra 7-10 business days for a while over and above the recent COVID delays.


AP’s move to use private contractors to reduce overheads is a likely root cause. I’d hedge a bet that AP’s parcel application may not be available to all contractors or supportable on their devices. If I was reviewing the service I’d start here including their contractual KPIs as these drive good/bad/unintended behaviours.

I am right now dealing with a delivery via Aramex that is driving me up the proverbial wall. Order went in to Dick Smith/OneShup via website on 8 Sept. Fortunately I paid with Paypal, as will become clear. Notification the item was shipped next day.Tracked as being in Melb, 30 Sept, tracked to be in Sydney. First alleged attempt at delivery was Monday 11 Oct, with a card allegedly left (not that we could find) then 7;08 am 12th Oct. We were home, no sign. Rang Aramex then, told they would try again. I asked that they ring my moblie either when it was on the way, or at delivery. Waited 12th and 13th (home all day) with Front door open so we could hear them. Nothing. Then I get notification that it is tracked as delivered. “Signature” is one word of my 4 word name, no actual proof of delivery sighted. Rang Aramex today, might actually be getting to the bottom of the mystery. We think, from overhearing some swearing in the backgound and some questions about it being an apartment (no, it is a house, fronts on to street, no locked gates or other impediments), they have delivered to # name Street, different suburb, instead of # Name Road, our suburb. So our two 1m x 1m garden beds might be sitting outside an apartment building on the North Shore, rather than our house in the Inner West of Sydney. “Oh S&%t indeed”.
Have also logged dispute with seller, and via Paypal. That ‘might’ get their attention.

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I find it easier to lodge a dispute with a bank credit card than with Paypal. I wont use paypal unless I really have to. I do have a long term strong relationship with the bank so that’s a help. However, legally you have the right to get the money back. But in some cases their terms and cons say they leave it at your own risk. And then it is your word against theirs whether it was actually delivered to your house. If you have emails or texts showing it went to the wrong address then you should not have a problem. But I have a concern that customers have to do all the work without getting paid. If you have strong evidence and Paypal wont help you maybe you could go to AFCA…BUT I don’t know whether AFCA deals with Paypal. AFCA is very good when dealing with the banks and they will give you quite a lot of compensation for your work if you request it…

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It all depends on the contractor. The ones we have servicing our area are brilliant and very obliging.

On the other hand, years ago, I (and many others in my locale) had a rather large donnybrook with AP over the extremely poor performance of their parcel delivery staff. It turned out that AP had put strictures on them that led to the issues.

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