Bench top Instant Hot Water dispensers and Tipper Kettles

There is a short and enlightening discussion on these products in a community topic.

Noticed the latest Choice reviews and guides have missed looking at these alternatives.

Any chance the next round can include these products? They are different from the expensive under bench alternatives and caterers tea urns which fill a similar need. I can see for a one/two person kitchen they offer a practical alternative to a kettle. For those of us with arthritic and related conditions also a safer and more practical solution than needing to handle a hot kettle.

I’d look for one that has a good range of higher temperatures to suit different teas, easy clean and refill tank, and a convenient cutoff to suit different sized cups. I’d ask to include in any review the basic electric thermostat controlled mini electric airpots if they are readily available in Oz.



Well, I’m still chuffed with mine. Stopping a pour short of its usual is simply a matter of pressing the dispense button a second time. It does take only seconds to get to temperature and into your cup. you need to do a bit more of dispensing if you want it in a teapot (the teapot needs to be small). One of the advantages for me is that you are not heating more water than you need, or for longer than you need.

I plugged it through my Cygnet Smart plug, which measures energy use as well (similar t the Eve unit). It draws no energy when in standby (that is, plug on but unit off), 1.5w - 2400 depending on temp, volume etc. but that energy use is only for seconds (less than 30) so I can’t see it costing much to run, over a year.

Disappointingly, many (if not most) of the reviews on Productreview don’t rate it highly because for those reviewers, there were significant issues some months into use. Of course we don’t know how much or how often or fr how many people the units were used…


I am really impressed with mine. I’ve only had it for a month, and in that time I’ve been able to have instantly boiling water - it only takes a second after pressing the dispense button. I’ve also used the lower temperatures to make a lukewarm eyewash and fill a Neti Pot for a nasal sinus rinse. Well worth owning.