Hot water dispenser - what's your experience?

Hot water dispensers like this one from Kmart claim to provide boiling water in a matter of seconds, a lot quicker than your average kettle.

Has anyone tried this device?


‘the $79 product takes just three to five seconds to boil two litres of water, a lot less time it takes for its fellow kitchen item.’ but ‘… pumps out roughly 6ml of water per second…’

At 6ml a second output a 250ml cup is about 41 seconds and the full Monty (2L) 5 1/2 minutes.
The ‘placed ad as news’ is inconsistent. It may start delivering more quickly, but getting what you need at 6ml second does not seem so different to a kettle end-to-end.

and include how fast it really is ?


I am most interested in the power consumption required for such fast heating!
Friends of mine have a similar product (a garage sale find) which they swear by: it only produces one cup - ? 250ml - at a time though.Too bad if you want to make a pot of tea…
(I also note that this article was published ‘AUGUST 12, 202010:13PM’)

Here’s another link:

This looks more interesting (a 500ml model is available)