Australian Airline Services at Their Best ( Not )

Cayenne, aka ‘Smooth leaf’. Multi purpose. :wink:
Nothing to do with pepper.

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Flights return to WA and so does the thieving.

$3,800 one way. Tell ‘em they’re dreamin’.


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And now for something completely different?

The Qantas CEO has a keen eye on Covid and had bern pressing publicly to open up the borders. Hopefully the following has not escaped the notice of the Qantas Board. Qantas the business holds a special trusted security status for it’s staff not afforded to any of it’s competitors.

Brunello assessed that former Qantas baggage handler turned wealthy Sydney racing identity Damion Flower, who pleaded guilty in May to importing $68.5 million worth of cocaine, had actually imported $1 billion worth of cocaine via Qantas and a corrupt Qantas baggage handler, who has also since been jailed. The full extent of Flower’s trafficking through Qantas, along with Project Brunello’s other findings, has never previously been publicly revealed.

At least we now know someone has shown an interest?


This is news? Just ask Schapelle Corby. :wink:

Interesting to note that Qantas refused to allow advertising of Schapelle’s book in its terminals, presumably because the book draws attention to the whole issue.


It seems appropriate to resurrect this old topic. QF/Jetstar at their finest.

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Jetstar seems to have a certain headlining presence. A year old experience just in the news.