Australian Airline Services at Their Best ( Not )

The current state of our airlines. The ‘regulators’ appear to be disinterested as any action might impact profits or perhaps donations? In contrast the US is considering what amounts to a pax bill of rights and airline responsibilities - dry reading, excerpt below.

The state of play here is, with the article going well beyond the bylined delay, with similar tales reported daily.

For those not clicking through the US proposal is

Among other things, the bill requires the Department of Transportation to implement regulations relating to

  • protections for airline passengers from being required to involuntarily relinquish their seats, unless necessary for safety or security;
  • the elimination of the dollar limitations on compensation to passengers denied boarding due to overbooking;
  • compensation to passengers for delayed or cancelled flights;
  • interline agreements between air carriers and other transportation providers;
  • training on the rights of passengers;
  • unreasonable air carrier fees;
  • unrestricted access of consumers to information on schedules, fares, fees, and taxes;
  • accuracy in pricing of tickets and disclosure of lowest fares; and
  • notifications to passengers of their rights and eligibility for refunds.

The Federal Aviation Administration must (1) prohibit any air carrier from reducing seat size or leg room, and (2) report on the quality of food and potable water on passenger aircraft and the sufficiency of flight crews and aircraft.

The bill provides a private right of action for passengers aggrieved by airline actions and increases civil penalties on air carriers for violations of passenger protections.


Not exactly a surprise although 0.1% differences are not impressive.

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And one more: Sunshine Coast woman loses thousands of Qantas Frequent Flyer points after death of husband - ABC News

Is this legal? Consistent with agreed to Terms and Conditions? Probably.
Is it a bit sharp / not an Australian airline at its best? I reckon.

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How different our consumer protections are as compared to the UK.

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Just as well, otherwise Qantas and Co might be lucky to be left with a second hand Twin Otter. :joy:
With nearly everything either leased or contracted out, there is probably very little to be had?
Qantas Airways (QAN.AX) - Net Assets

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