Australia post Tracking 'Service' What a con

gosh that has gotta be multiple parcels? lol
the parcel departed multiple (4) times on some days with no arrival and then arrive multiple (3) times on others?

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It is tracked between processing points in the same facility, eg arrival->sorting->departure type events as well as repetitive ‘handoffs’ to the next ‘station’ or transport medium. The details were obscured to obscure the full tracking number.

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Gone are the days where the delivery driver had to actually drive to your home to quickly deliver the failed delivery notification to your letterbox without so much as ringing your doorbell, now they can save time and fuel by virtue of a simple electronic notification of the failed delivery they never attempted … (yes, I have personally witnessed these drive-by failed deliveries on more than one occasion).


I recently had a failed delivery card left at the front door. No attempt to ring doorbell or knock. Four people in the house. Why the hell couldn’t the postal worker deliver the parcel instead?
Furious, I submitted a complaint via the AusPost app, and have not had this problem since - every delivery has had a doorbell ring to let us know the parcel had arrived.


I’ve caught a couple of delivery drivers while they were trying to sneak a “While you were out” card into my house letterbox, and asked them why they never attempted delivery. Was it because AusPost paid them the same $2 per delivery, whether the driver delivered the item or the card? I was told yes, except that it’s not $2. At the time (I think it was about 2015), it was $1.20, whether the item or the “While you were out” card was delivered.


Quote: “…in Australia…serves as a reminder of the importance of postal services in today’s world…”
Maybe the Aus postal services need reminding? :wink:


I dont really mind the card going away, because i often find a card in the mail box and an item for collection text.

Sometimes i find the text first, go collect the item and then the printed card the next day,
so i go again to find that crazy long number was the same item.

Note the logic error
Fail to deliver is sent as text message before someone was at the physical address to leave the card.

Ultimately I’d be happy to sign up for a Parcel Locker first option when it becomes available.
I usually redirect mail when possible to parcel locker because i like the facility


Now the postie can take the parcels straight to the inconveniently located post office then pretend that they tried to deliver as they had done this in the past. They wern’t leaving cards either until I complained to the ombudsman. We have a secure mail room of which they have access where they started leaving cards, why they just didn’t just leave the parcel infuriates me.The cards said sorry for the inconvenience. and it should of added sorry for the belligerence.

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I received a notification from FeDex tracking saying my parcel was onboard for delivery that day. Another wasted day on a no show I find out 2 days later when their tracking resumed that my package was still at the Singapore airport where it had been for 2 days. The tracking is meaningless when it is so inaccurate

IME that is a rare fail from Fedex. They are usually a gold standard of tracking. An old but relevant experience in a land far away.

Without knowledge of why they failed tracking one possibility is their freight plane had to turn around mid-flight.

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Like many others I also have witnessed this “failed attempted delivery” charade when the postie slips a card into your letterbox without making any attempt to knock on your door.
I have reason to suspect this is because the postie does not actually have the parcel with them - just a stack of “sorry I missed you” cards!

I have brought up the matter with Aust Post on a few occasions only to be issued with the patronising response “perhaps there was an unrestrained dog, or perhaps the gate was locked, or perhaps perhaps”.
It’s a standard fobb-off lie.

I have kept one of these cards from one such “failed delivery attempt” because it seems to me there are two very distinctly different styles of handwriting on the card, leading me to suspect that these cards are in fact pre-written by somebody at the post office and the postie just adds one small detail (time of attempted delivery) when they surreptitiously slip the card into your letterbox (not realising you are watching their every move through the bedroom window).

The implicit suggestion here is that there never was any intention of actually attempting delivery (knock on door etc) because the postie doesnt actually carry parcels as they take up too much space in the bike side saddles. Its a cost saving measure to force the customers to make a trek to the post office to collect a parcel which the sender has paid a price for actual delivery to the recipients home address.

Australia Post “we deliver the BS”


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When is a boomerang not a boomerang, when it is an Australia post parcel:

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The delivery companies always did and could do that anyway

Fastway did it to me at least a few times 10 years ago, never visit just leave a call sms or email that while you were away we sent to depot.

And few years ago Cards of auspost left Regularly in the letterbox late afternoon as part of rapid drive-bys.

… found this amusing …

Thankful it ‘looks like a temporary issue’ otherwise they might advise to never try again …