Australia post Tracking 'Service' What a con

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Hullo, I have recently sent two parcels overseas. I bought Tracking for them. The last parcel has not arrived in the Netherlands. I entered the tracking number into the query on the Australian Post website and got the enlightening information that the parcel had been received at the local PO and that it has left for its destination. What??? No other information is available. This has happened before. I think this is a con and a shonk. When I buy ‘tracking’ I expect to be able to see where the parcel is, not that it has just been received and sent on. I cannot find out where the parcel is, that I sent to the Netherlands. I paid for tracking, I got nothing.

Could Choice investigate this? Not good enough Australia Post


Thanks for the heads up @newcole99, I’ll pass this info onto investigations.


Hiya newcole99

Thank you for posting this information!

I hope that Choice looks into this for all consumers.

If we purchase “Tracking” we have a right to know that our parcel gets to the address it was sent.
Cheers Natalie :sunny:


Hi @newcole99 I’m sorry to hear that. I recently had a parcel delivered recently by Australia Post, ordered on line, and the tracking was great. It was not an overseas delivery though. Could it have something to do with Customs perhaps? Hope it arrives safe & sound.

Not too many years ago I had a parcel sent from the USA by USPS, insured and tracked and “guaranteed” to be delivered in 10 business days. The USA side tracking was brilliant as I could trace it across the USA and into the departing cargo plane. Then it went missing. After a month the sender was able to lodge a lost package trace. Auspost actually contacted me to see if I had the lost package. ROTFLMAO.

Not a single tracking entry in the next 3 months, but it was eventually delivered with nary a mark on the package, and not a single extra postal stamp to show where it had passed through, and definitely no admission it was atypical or unreasonable that it took over 3 months, could not be found in a trace, had not been tracked after leaving the USA, and was eventually delivered. Auspost focused on “delivered” as all that mattered, not reviewing why their part of the system apparently failed.

This is what we get for our $4.8 million CEO. Imagine how bad it could be if we did not have someone so deserving of such a high salary in charge :expressionless:


I find that incoming parcels delivered by Aust Post have good tracking. They let you know they are on their way. My problem is the parcels I send overseas and pay money to have tracked. You can all go online and try and find my parcel just to see what I mean (hey, lets crowd source the search operation!!)… Go to Australia post and look at Track my Parcel and enter EJ 208 232 709 AU and look at the absolutely pathetic information on the travels of my parcel.

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And it still hasn’t arrived in the Netherlands. It was sent on Monday 10th January. Pathetic. It was being sent to a friend who is leaving for Africa early tomorrow morning. He needs the parcel to take back. You just can’t post parcels to Mali. They NEVER get there. I thought I posted it in plenty of time - the airmail time given was 7 days. Where is it??? How bitterly disappointing.

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I sent a parcel to China last year and had a similar problem - the parcel arrived in China and said “out for delivery” but wasn’t delivered for a good week or so (I was checking with the person receiving the package as to whether it had arrived.

The problem I think lies with the postal service in the country where it arrives. It’s frustrating, but Australia post can’t do much about it if that’s what the data is that comes from that country. Having said that, more transparency about the accuracy or detail of tracking data across countries would be useful.

For international parcels, you can always check out our article on alternative parcel sending services that may be cheaper or may provide better tracking information, depending on the country you’re sending to.

The prices might be different now but worth a read:


I enjoyed the “parter with [DHL, UPS, Fedex, …]” and the costs. My cynical side suggests there is a significant “Australia Tax” and/or “Gotcha Tax” in the pricing.

I wanted to ship a small parcel from the USA home; UPS quoted $USD95 and the USPS $USD44. I routinely get similar packages sent direct by merchants for anywhere between $USD7-28 in 5-7 working days with full tracking via such business services as UPS Global/International Mail.

At the end of the day our outbound options are what they are, so we have little choice but to cop it.


Hiya BBG, unfortunately you are right.

We do not have many outbound options, and we have to make do with what we have :frowning:

Hopefully things will change in the future, especially if Consumers make enough noise about it!
Cheers Natalie :slight_smile:

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Hi, investigations may like to look at Australia Post tracking in general, to be getting an email from a supplier saying “your product has been dispatch via AustPost with tracking number . . .” but having to wait a full a day before the tracking number goes live on AustPost’s site and then having it say saying it’s “pending”. A few days later it updates to “in transit” where it stays until I collect it from the Post Office (I have a box) in the normal course of event where they scan it and when I arrive home the “tracking” had updated to “Delivered”. All in all this service is quite useless and a waste of time and money by AustPost as I don’t consider Pending-In transit-Delivered to be tracking?
I now reply to suppliers saying don’t bother with AustPost tracking as I won’t.


What does ROTFLMAO mean? Is it the tracking code? Please explain.

Anyone not familiar with an internet abbreviation will find useful, or can just google it.

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I posted in another thread that a package that was posted in Darwin took 7 weeks to arrive in Canberra. The poster gave me a tracking number, but Australia Post claimed that there was no such number. I confirmed with the poster, but AP continued to deny that it existed. When the package arrived, the tracking number was printed on it, as the poster had given it to me.

AP is a joke. We’re clearly being softened up for its sale to the government’s mates.

My experiences domestically with Australia Post tracking has been very inconsistent. Sometimes they track packages well, other times they only scan them in when received and then when they are delivered, and not in between. Australia Post’s service quality lately has been through the floor and dropping fast.

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Australia Post last week “lost” a tracked parcel from the US addressed to me. I live in a suburb with a similar name to another 4 or 5 post offices nearby sharing the same or a similar post code. I only discovered that the parcel had arrived in Australia through the USPS website, their tracking is brilliant! The AP website has still not been updated and for over a week showed the parcel as being on Ascension Island. I have a pretty good idea of what has happened to the parcel since it was scanned at the sorting office prior to being put in the delivery van; the manager there claims it was put in the correct box, but over the years my mail has been “undeliverable”, “no such address” (when I have a post office box?), returned to sender frequently and ended up in another state as well as being marked as delivered when it hasn’t. All this mail had been correctly addressed but some was sent to the wrong post office who did not send it on. The facility manager refuses to investigate the missing parcel any further, so I am hoping USPS will enquire why it has not been delivered and force another search.
I have unsuccessfully reported the distribution facility several times in the past but to no avail. Australia Post is a law unto itself and provides poor service at best to those of us unfortunate enough to have a suburb with a name that causes problems.

Hi @barca1au

I had issues with a distribution centre some years ago. I just worked my way up the food chain until I found someone willing to look into it. (Distribution Centre manager was supposedly reprimanded.) Amazingly deliveries improved markedly!

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Thanks Meltam6554, I’m busy doing that at the moment, and hoping the sender will help with this as the recipient of a parcel does not have as many rights as the sender - this makes it very hard if the sender does not cooperate, like with an Ebay purchase. The flies in the ointment are the Distribution Centre manager, and the owner of the main post office agency in the area who marks everything as incorrectly addressed and returns it to sender instead of sending it to the correct agency, which is what the other agencies do. Its like banging your head against a brick wall sometimes! :wink:

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In the other direction: Order something from China, request tracking numbers be applied.

  1. Chinese tracking site: item received the day after the order was placed, and two days later arrived in Australia.
  2. Australia Post tracking site: that number doesn’t exist.
  3. Wait five to seven (!!!) weeks, checking Australia Post tracking site every few days.
  4. Item arrives. Decide to check Australia Post tracking site.
  5. Australia Post tracking site: Item received at XXXX XXXX centre, expected delivery in one week.

This has happened in various permutations for at least the last year, I’ve stopped paying for extra tracking to be applied because it’s totally useless, and have resigned myself to a two day parcel service from overseas to Australia, and then a six to seven week transit time within Australia. It’s only supplies for craft and hobbies but it’s still annoying to have to plan ahead two months with projects.


@barca1au Working one’s way up toward resolution can be time consuming and frustrating. Consider sending an old fashioned real-mail complaint with documentary history and evidence, registered, to Ahmed Fahour the $4 million CEO and cc Mitch Fifield, Minister for Communications . Neither will probably read it but the PAs or staffers will. Include references to those you contacted who did nothing to help so they understand why you are “in their inbox”. Since you already have a non-functional “relationship” with that Distribution Centre Manager / main post manager sending your items back, it probably could not get worse.

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