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Wilson Parking Australia Issues

Twice in October I pre-booked a parking space at a Wilson car park using its Book A Bay service. On both ocassions the car park was full when I entered. On the first ocassion Wilson told me that it would honour my booking at another of its car parks, 700 metres away. On entering the second car park I found that it too had no available bays. I was 20 minutes late for my meeting that day. I didn’t attempt to find a park at an alternative Wilson location on the second ocassion.
On exiting the full car parks I contacted Wilson and was provided instuctions on how to claim refunds for each un-honoured booking. I followed those instructions to the letter, providing receipts, entry times, exit times and an account of what had happened by email. The first refund was requested nearly 8 weeks ago but none has been provided. I have sent 14 emails on the subject of the two bookings to the email address provided on the company’s website but have never received a reply beyond the automated replies I received when opening each case. Telephone calls used to be answered and I twice received the response that I would receive the refunds “by the end of the week” but that was not true. For the last few weeks I have been unable to contact the company by telephone - right at this moment I am listening to background music having been on hold for 1 hour and 40 minutes.
How can I secure a refund from a company that is not contactable? I know the $ amount is relatively small, but it’s the principle.


Welcome to the .community and sorry to hear about your bad experience with Wilson. I was unaware Wilson is based in HK until just now, however they have offices in each capital city listed on their web page. If convenient you could drop in for a chat, with copies of your correspondence :wink:

You could read up on the Australian Consumer Law and send a Letter of Complaint to the Wilson office in your capital city. You can email it if you can get a return receipt they received or read it, automated or not. Otherwise it needs to go registered/tracked real mail. If they do not respond you can then take it to your state fair trading office. For the amount you are probably due be realistic about how much interest the agencies may have assisting, vis a vis the queues of complaints in their inbox.

Honest companies will usually respond once a complaint is made formal (following legal protocols, wording, and processes so they know you are following the ACL) rather than informal (ie ‘unstructured’ communications between you and them).

Good luck and please let us know how you go.


In addition to the above, if you are a Choice member, there is also

which can also assist.


Hi Trumble I sincerely sympathise with you and your horrible dilemma with Wilson and its Book A Bay service. I completely agree with all of the excellent advice that TheBBG has offered, and I hope that you can follow it to the letter and get a Full Refund plus some other compensation for wasting so much of your time.

I am actually posting merely to thank you for joining the Forum and alerting all Members to your situation, and the neglectful and disrespectful manner in which you are being treated by Wilson - Forewarned is Forearmed

I rarely travel into the City, but I have considered using Wilson Book A Bay on the occasions that I do.
After having learned of the neglectful and inappropriate treatment you have received from this company, I will NEVER park my Car again with Wilson, and I certainly will not bother to Book A Bay!

Thanks again for sharing, and I truly hope you get the fair and decent attention, Refund and some sort of compensation that you should have received from Wilson in the very first instance.
Best of luck in your endeavours.

Cheers Natalie :wink:


Thanks TheBBG for your really useful comments and advice. I’m pretty persistent when it comes to these things, so I’ll certainly follow the courses of action that you’ve recommended. I’ll post back here on whether I get a satisfactory resolution or not.


Thanks Natalie for being sympathetic and taking the time to respond. I’ll certainly follow TheBBG’s advice, and in the meantime I, like you, have voted with my feet and now use a different company’s car park. In fact, most of my colleagues who are casual parkers have had the same experience at Wilson and, while they’ve given up on pursuing a refund (they’re not as dogged as I am when it comes to consumer rights), they too have taken their business elsewhere.


Welcome to the ‘community’ Andy. I agree on going for it on principle.

Not a help to you, but an observation: I went to have a look at the process for claiming back your refund from Wilson’s Parking, and I am redirected to a map of parking stations in Sydney CBD. It turns out that none of the tabs work in Chrome. It does work in Edge.

To add to what has already been said; you have probably got this information, but just in case: The head office of the Wilson’s Group Australia is Perth. The contact details are found at

The contact numbers for Wilson Parking Customer Service can be found at:

As a general comment, the Wilson’s Group’s two billionaire brother owners, Thomas and Raymond Kwokowners don’t seem too troubled by legalities:

Good luck with getting your refunds.


Hi meltam, that’s some great detective work there, I appreciate it.


Well, lo-and-behold, two days after posting here I received an email from Wilson informing me that my two refunds had been processed, and providing me with a voucher for one free park.

I put it down to the power of the Choice forums!

Thanks everyone for your great advice - I may not have needed it this time but it will come in useful if I find myself in a similar situation again.


Great News! This is a wonderful result - so pleased that it all turned out well in the end! :wink:


Good to hear you received a favourable result @trundle :+1:


An article regarding Wilson Parking being exposed for ripping off consumers with their grubby parking scams.

What a bunch of charlatans.


Had bought monthly parking in city for 420$/ month from June 2019. Debited money on 1st of June but didn’t sent the gate pass till 21st June . Had to make several calls to get the pass while i was daily paying from my pocket to park the car. Sent emails to my account manager with proof of receipts , followed by several calls and she confirmed that it will be credited to my final bill. Again to close my account in Sep, made another long list of calls and also to wilson complaint number since my account manager never picked up even after leaving several messages. Had to call from the exit gate to get their attention. Then she sent me an email that my account is closed and the credit will be adjusted to my account. This happened in Oct 2019 .This month Jun 2020, i received a bill for Oct 2019 along with the threat of going to collection. Have tried calling each number listed along with my old account manager’s. No response after leaving messages too. I do have all the evidence and bills . What should I do? Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks


Send Wilson a letter (registered post) that covers your complaint, attach copies (and only copies) of your evidence and advise that you want the bill removed. Also advise that they have a given period (eg 7 days) from receipt of the letter to respond and deal with your problem, if they don’t you will contact your Fair Trading Organisation. If they don’t respond in the given time contact Fair Trading and lodge your complaint. You can also lodge a case with your Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The ACCC has a page about how to lodge a complaint and they have links to help you formulate a complaint letter and to various contacts eg State Fair Trading Offices.

CHOICE has a help service if you are a member that can give you information and advice about what steps to take, they also provide templates.


Hello and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your problems with Wilson. It doesn’t help, but you are not alone.

I have moved your post to an existing thread covering similar issues with Wilson Parking. If you look through the thread you will find more relevant information, including contact information for Wilson that you may not have on your correspondence.

Hope you get a win. Please let us know how you get on.


Thanks a lot . Have sent the letter today. Will report the outcome here


Thanks a lot for the advice, credit collectors from wilson parking emailed me a couple of days ago that I dont have to pay anything… Thank you so much for the help


Great to know it helped. Just keep an eye on your Credit record in case they try to put something adverse on there.