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Which eco-friendly household products actually work?

Eco-friendly cleaning doesn’t have to mean a compromise. We show you which cleaning products work, and which ones to avoid.

What environmentally friendly cleaning products work for you?


For me - I only use KOH… despite the negative reviews from CHOICE - it works brilliantly for me (and has done for several years). Highly eco credentialled, and I don’t need to buy a selection of different products for kitchen, oven, bathroom etc.


We’re super happy with Bosisto’s products, particularly their anti-fungal solution for treating mould around the house and on clothing / footwear which contains clove oil and tea-tree oil.

Even better, they’re Australian-owned (something I wish Choice included in their product research) and it leaves the house smelling wonderful!


Have you tried just using the microfibre cloth and plain water?

Not on grease/oil etc - I spray the KOH on, and it dissolves/lifts it off the surface as I watch: water certainly doesn’t do that… On (long) neglected areas, I wipe the worst off with paper towels, then a light respray with KOH & a microfibre cloth - job done!


I’ve been using Simply Clean products. body wash, hand wash, dishwashing powder and happy with them.

Choice does give them a negative review. NO complaints at home, Drains no longer clog and have to be cleared.

Using Who gives a crap toilet paper. No complaints either.

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Most of the time, a microfibre cloth and water works perfectly. When it’s not enough, I use some bicarb or white vinegar (or occasionally both) and the job’s done.

I agree, the microfibre cloths clean exceptionally well. It is just a matter of having different ones for different areas of the house and cleaning them in hot water and detergent. A spell in the sun is good for disinfecting them too. I use E-Cloths which last forever.


I too love the bostito products. The cleaning sprays and floor cleaner in particular

Koh for me too. It cleaned the glass doors of my ovens with far less effort than any other cleaner I have tried. Bench tops, mirrors, floors, all fine. It has no scent to trigger my husband’s asthma and can be used anywhere in the house.

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