Have you tried Koh (Ecoworx) or Enjo cleaning products?

I’m keen to hear if anyone has used Koh or Enjo cleaning products and what you think of them. Do they work? Are they easy to use? Would you recommend them to others?


We were given an Enjo cloth after we allowed a demonstration for a group of people on our rather dirty car a few years ago. It did clean the gunge off quite well, but my wife bought some much less expensive cleaning cloths some time later, and they work just as well.
Not worth the excessive price IMHO.


I agree with @gordon.

My other half went to a enjo party and bought one of their cleaning cloths…I recall I almost fell off the chair when I heard its price.

While it works well, so do non-branded or cheaper cloths which retail for a fraction of the price.

We still have the enjo after about 5 so so years, as well as other brands of similar age. They are all wearing equally.

As a result, we will stick to cheaper brands in the future.

BTW, these microfibre cloths are made with synthetic materials and it has always been a toss up whether to use these over say cotton or paper products.


Koh and Ecoworx cleaning products etc are a range and just not cleaning cloths.

There is some discussion relating to the products previously in another Choice Community Topic


The ecoworxs universal cleaner active ingredient is potassium hydroxide. It is a weak solution (<0.5%) and could be easily made up from raw potassium hydroxide (providing adequate PPE is used - it is a caustic chemical). O.5% solution would be a teaspoon (5gms) in 1L water.

Making your own would also he significantly cheaper as a 1kg container of raw potassium hydroxide would make about 200L of cleaning solution. A quick search indicates that 1kg costs about $15 + delivery. …

I see the koh premade solution is $99 for 20L…about 66 times more expensive.


I have been using Koh for more than 2 years; have also gifted bundles to friends & family as I was so impressed with the product - that it has genuine ecological/allergy credentials & it works! I have thought for some time that it should be included in CHOICE testing of all cleaning products.
It is a 0.5% solution of potassium hydroxide (hence KOH), which breaks down to its components after (shortish) exposure to air. I am very happy to only need one cleaning product, instead of myriad ‘specialist’ cleaners…
I now purchase the solution in a 20L container (cheaper!) and like other commenters, top up on microfibre cloths as needed, from supermarket offerings. As a bonus, I am supporting Aussie entrepreneurs & their business!


There is a real safety issue with making one’s own solution… I do have the “recipe” to make it, but don’t consider it necessary to go to the trouble… ‘less is more’ with the (commercial) KOH solution. I don’t need to use much of the product to get good results and if I need to replenish supplies, I will wait until a free shipping promotion. The 20L container is more cost efficient than a 4L one! And I’m supporting an Australian busines.


The original name of the business was Ekoworx - changed to KOH when they went international (UK at least). The core product is the cleaning solution, with ancillary “hardware” such as floor mops, and other related products eg dishwashing tablets (& I believe laundry detergent/pods are in development).
I have no financial or other involvement with the business - just one of the many (more than) satisfied customers!

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hi -
I also went to an Enjo party - years ago (roped in via a soccer mum)-
…the cleaning cloths & cleaner was very expensive -
I lent the glove to someone else to try and it came back as stiff as a board…
in my opinion, not worth the money


I buy 25kg of KOH flakes at a time, and it is significantly less expensive then :wink:


As I do the housework (my wife does the garden) so she brought a load of very expensive Enjo products to ‘help’ me. Frankly, they were of very limited value and they now reside in the garage. I found I was better off buying my usual everyday cleaning products and materials from Coles, Woolies or Bunnings. And a lot cheaper as well. They tend to market their stuff like Tupperware so beware.


I have been using it for some years now. I love the way it cleans without smells, especially my glass induction cooktop. I don’t buy their micro fibre cloths, but quite often they do bundles that include them. Their diamond sponge works really well on soap scum and the glass door of our fireplace. It seems to be a fine sandpaper block on foam that I think I have seen on a hardware store, probably cheaper, but again, I got them in a bundle.


I’ve not used these products, but as a side note I am not a fan of products sold as part of MLM schemes, of which Enjo is classed as one.


Yes I use Koh products
I am weaning myself off strong chemical based products - although I still use bleach products when cleaning the toilet
I recently purchased the mop and grout cleaner (handy little tool)
Koh has done everything it said it would - not disappointed
I don’t believe Koh and Enjo are affiliated. My experience is Enjo is considerably more expensive and requires more elbow grease

I can recommend the dry mop. We had a floor sanding business and after thoroughly vacuuming the timber floor prior to coating we would dry mop it with the Enjo mop. It never ceased to amaze us how much sanding dust the vacuum failed to collect. There is a technique to using them however. Very expensive but if you have timber flooring, I would give them two thumbs up. I have met many people who swear by the cleaning cloths but are they worth the cost? Probably not.

We have been using Enjo mops for several years on our floors and they are fantastic!
They are initially expensive to buy but never seem to wear out.
I do not know how the company survives!

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We have a Sabco static mop (similiar to this one) purchased about 15 years ago…it was recommended by our floor sander/polyurethane coater. It is still going strong and only needs a wash every 6 or so months when it is dirty (it gets a good shake after every use). We use it 1-2 times per week on about 200m2 of timber, tiled and terrazzo floors. It is also about a quarter of the price of the enjo one and would be interesting to know if a enjo one would have the same longevity (or 4x longevity) to justify a premium price.

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Our Sabco static mop is also still going great after 20+ years, and we would wonder how any similar product could be that much better to justify a premium price?

Perhaps the difference is in consumer market knowledge with Sabco not promoting their product, leaving others to take up the gap with their premium pricing?

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I did recently think how they made money…products lasting so long, but, this does bring brand loyalty and free recommendations by users which swear by their mops.

I have used Koh products for a couple of years. One bottle, two cloths and use it on so much around the house without fear of chemicals. Love it for showers, tiles, kitchen sinks, glass splash back, jewelry, windows (not tinted!!!) and so, so much more. Great that you only need to spray and wipe over without wet wiping then using another cloth to dry. Very economical. I also have the mop which is so easy to use and dries on the floor really quickly. I shan’t be wasting money having 12 or more different cleaning products that cost a heap more. Highly recommended.