Which budget mattress should you buy? (IKEA vs. koala)

Ikea and Koala both sell affordable mattresses ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to just over $1000. But we wanted to look into which company offers the best service when it comes to delivery, trial periods, returns and warranties.

If you have any of the mattresses listed - what are your thoughts on the product, as well as the service you received during purchase/returns/trial periods?


We have bought two Ikea mattresses. While both are great to sleep on, the topper on one (Hidrasund I believe) started to bunch up.

Rang Ikea up and they immediately offered to give us our choice of a refund or exchange.

We asked for an exchange. They shipped out another one, and the delivery guys took the old one away.

The store we went to had all the mattresses out on display, and the staff encouraged us to lay on them as long as we wanted… up to closing time :slight_smile: This is the way to find which mattress is right for you because not all soft/medium/firm mattresses are the same. [Hint: Also get your partner to plonk onto the bed while you are lying on it. Make sure you don’t get flung into the air, or worse, off the bed.]

We would definitely buy Ikea’s pocket spring mattresses again.


Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile: Glad to hear you received such excellent customer service with Ikea :ok_hand: