What mattress do I buy for a slat bed base?

So many companies providing information about their mattresses but there is no specific information about what mattresses are suitable for a slat bed base. Is there a difference in what I should buy?


Hi Tessa,
at home we have a slat bed base that is now on its third King Koil mattress ( strictly speaking, the mattress is on the base :wink: ). Mattresses one and two were each replaced at about the ten year mark.
The base was not very expensive when we bought it. We thought that it wasn’t as supportive as we would like, and we simply added some additional slats which we purchased at a local timber supplier.


I had the same experience some years ago with a bed, and bought a sheet of peg board and placed that over the slats. Much better, and the mattress still breathed through all the holes in the peg board. :slight_smile:


I recollect some mattresses used to come specifically labelled as suitable for slat beds. Certainly when we purchased several new single bed mattress 15 years ago the supplier advised against several models. Something to do with the construction of the internals requiring more evenly distributed support.

We have a Queen bed with slats and a supported centre rail. The Mattress and bed were sold as a combo. There is nothing special on the label re the slats and there is a full warranty from the supplier.

When looking to purchase a replacement some store staff seemed to suggest all are suitable for slats, while others suggested we needed to purchased the matching base to sure the mattress performed as designed. There were hints the warranty might not apply without a suitable supportive base!

As not all slat beds are equal. Differences in slat spacing and sag, it might be worth checking the details of your base - slats. When looking to purchase you might provide those details up front and ensure the proposed warranty includes your use of the slat base.

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Brilliant ! Why didn’t I think of that ? :exploding_head: It would have been a much simpler solution.


If you turn your mattress regularly does it matter?

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