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What is the most ridiculous connected tech you've heard about?


Ridiculously insecure


Reminds me of an old ‘Clicker’ game my classmate played in a browser. The developer hadn’t hidden any of the code, so by opening up the browser’s developer console you could just see what commands were happening and add your own.


My vote is for a product that I have just learned of in this morning’s paper: web enabled sex toys. We are talking about battery-powered vibrational joy with a wireless link. I gather that the device doesn’t have direct satellite or phone access but the web connection is mediated by your wireless router or perhaps hand held device. The way it works is that one partner ‘installs’ it and the other controls it, potentially from anywhere in the world. Do you get a discount for buying two? Adds new meaning to ‘long distance relationship’.

To keep this thread P13 I will not speculate on all the ways that this could be weird but just say that security would need to be good as hacking could produce unexpected results.


Given that the sex industry has led the charge in technical innovation (think back to the VCR, for instance) this is no surprise.

If you’re more interested in the relationship, there is always this heartbeat transmitting wristband - which transmits your heartbeat to its partner over the Internet. It actually got Kickstarter funded!