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What is the most ridiculous connected tech you've heard about?


In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of the ‘connected’ home, from smart speakers to bluethooth fridges. At this rate, almost every device in the home and beyond could end up being connected.

So, where do you draw the line and what is the most bizarre or ridiculous example of connected tech that you have heard about? Tell us in the comments below.


While I can sort of understand the benefits…just the cost and why why why really when there are just so many other things more important than getting graphs about your tooth brushing performance:

and in the next list see the “I.Con” as a great example but the others are illuminating as well how far some have fallen/slipped in their abilities to use some commonsense


The toothbrush is some very unusual tech, but the ‘Flip-flops’ in the article you have posted really take the take for me. No fitness tracking, just ads? Far out :rofl:

A colleague told me about about Bluetooth sunglasses (for taking phone calls). Whatever the benefits are, I’m not sure this is a good idea.


That article is very hard to read because my eyes kept rolling towards the ceiling. :roll_eyes:

If this trend to move away from being present, attentive, and mindful keeps going, there will need to be an app that will regularly need to remind people back and come back from la la land and engage their brains.

So sad.


I can see some value in that. I wear Bluetooth headphones for listening to podcasts when I exercise (rarely) and between the car park and the office. Were I also keen on sunglasses, then combining the two would be logical - except that I’d have to stop listening as soon as I entered the building.


Nah. Just get a pair fitted with transitional lenses.


They’re actually not for taking calls, they’re so you can find them when you forget where you left them:

I’d argue that if you’re the sort of person who regularly looses very expensive sunglasses you’re better off sticking with a cheap pair from the servo until you learn to look after your things a little better.


Okay, that is crazy.


Indeed. The phrase ‘this is why we can’t have nice things’ comes to mind…


Not connected tech but an example in a previous era where connected mean’t access to the landline. I stayed in a hotel in the 80’s that I think was built in the 60’s and hadn’t had any makeovers. Whilst sitting on the throne there was a small (30cm x 30cm) sliding door in the wall at eye level that when opened allowed access to the landline phone on the side board in the main room.


@postulative my apologies, I should have clarified. We may have stumbled onto a good idea from a bad one though - sunglasses that allowed calls/music to be played in a design that wasn’t too bulky would be a different story. Excuse me while I duck to the patent office :smile:

@Geoff2 That gave me a chuckle, I’m sure sure it’s probably a lot better than some of the connected tech available on a modern ‘smart toilet’.


Way back in 1999 I was given a gift of a toaster whose packaging proclaimed in an enormous highlight bubble ‘Y2K compliant!’
This really did make me wonder ‘where is the date chip? And why would you want one’?


I just tried to google some unusual connected tech and was surprised (astounded) what is available. There is another world out there.

It appears you can get toys for adults (wink) that can be controlled remotely, I suppose a bit like a remote controlled racing car for the racy.


I actually think some kind of remote location device (transferable) for my spectacles (& mobile phone) would be a wonderful: I’m surprised that no one appears to have produced one… I quite frequently ‘lose’ my specs & if I forget where I last used my mobile, I can’t ring it to find it! Like many people, I have eliminated a landline…


That is a slice of gold @lizjuniper :rofl:

I for one would have refused to begin the new millenium without some fresh toast.



From this…

To this …

because an app doesn’t work. Ouch.

That’s technology for you.

Looks like Nike is having one of those weeks…


Actually they have
Orbit has a range of finders


Thanks for that Rob - I checked out the website, but - if it was my phone I had mislaid, I wouldn’t be able to track it down… What I had in mind was something much simpler, for at home use: a bit like the locating device on a cordless phone base station - follow the beep until you find where you last left your phone, specs, keys etc etc…


Seems like it does work if you mislay your phone. From the web site:

“Make it Ring”

“If your Orbit is hiding nearby, make it ring using our free-app to find it quickly. Work it both ways – press the button on your Orbit to make your phone ring, even on silent.”

Otherwise do you have any computer device besides your phone? e.g. tablet, laptop, desktop.

For keys, in addition to the Orbit, something like: or read:,review-2657.html

For specs, put them on a chain and hang it around your neck. You will look like an old lady but it gets the job done without tech and batteries and who-knows-what-security-problems. :slight_smile: