TripaDeal keeping your money

IMHO there is no longer a reason to use travel agents like TripaDeal. Once we can travel book online using sites like Rome2Rio to help you plan.
Don’t prepay travel agents unless you have written confirmation of refunds first.
I paid TripaDeal $5000 /person for a trip of a lifetime and tried to cancel. TaD cancelled the trip and refuses to refund my money. They even challenged my credit card chargeback.
They offered time-Limited vouchers which are worthless if you can’t travel before they expire.
Australian consumer law says I’m entitled to a refund so I will take them to VCAT and NCAT.
I would never deal with Trip A Deal again.
In my opinion they are greedy and insensitive to the needs and rights of their customers. It was the support of older Australians that enabled TaD to grow 400% and it’s that support that will be ripped from them.


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