Treadmills - review

We’ve reviewed treadmills (member content), looking at features, ease of use and accuracy to help you find the best treadmill for your needs. We also have a treadmills buying guide so you know what to look for when shopping around.

Do you own a treadmill? Share your experience with the Community below.

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Wait, what? You managed to complete the review?

I’m amazed! From everything I had heard, once you get on that treadmill… :wink:.


:joy: No treadmills for me personally @postulative. I’ll leave that orgaising to our product testers in the labs

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Looking for treadmill that is easy to move from room to room.
Any good ones at the moment.

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Welcome to the community @Susie1,

I moved your general question to this now dated review topic, that has a link to some older reviews. While it is likely products have changed since, your query could be a catalyst for an update as well as comments from other community members.

There is also a topic about Lifespan Treadmills.

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Hello Choice community,

Newbie here, so please forgive if I am posting in the wrong section.

I’m just seeking feedback on Cardiotech Treadmills.

I note that Choice doesn’t review treadmills anymore, which is a bummer.

Any thoughts/experiences on Cardiotech and their treadmills would be most appreciated.

Thanks kindly,

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Welcome to the Forum @gekko336 .

(Edit: I have also moved your post to an existing thread relating to treadmills.)

You may be aware that Choice being a not for profit organisation has limited funds and resources, so selects the products that most consumers are likely to be interested in, and within that the most readily available. Choice buys the products it test so they test what consumers buy with a few rare exceptions, and those products are clearly marked as coming from manufacturers or suppliers.

Back to treadmills; perhaps there are members our our community who can write about their experience with this product or business. Until then you could look at Product Review but please note that it is about the business and so there is feedback on other products, also look at Trust Pilot where there are only two reviews one good and one not.

After looking at the reviews, I would suggest you think carefully about whether you wish to deal with this company.


No comment on the brand.

Have you considered the alternatives of an exercise bike or elliptical trainer? Personal preference from the gym, a treadmill was the least engaging. Now there are added unloved memories of the cardiologists stress tests. We purchased an elliptical trainer for home and it had good use.

Another option if you have a bicycle is an indoor bicycle trainer. These take up minimal room for storage. We have a basic JetBlack hydro trainer that is easy to set up and use. There’s an incredible range of trainers up to those able to deliver computer controlled simulations of the stages of the Tour de France.


I’m actually looking into treadmills at the moment as well for my dad. He’s in his 70’s, and lives in a hilly area, so he wants to walk without hills. He can drive to a walking place but would prefer to knock out a ten minute walk twice a day without doubling it in commuting.
Being of the generation he is, he wants to purchase a treadmill outright but that can cost $1000 without even knowing if he’ll use it. I have convinced him that renting for 3 months (the approximate time it takes to form a new habit) is a more reasonable option that trying to sell an expensive paper weight into a saturated market come summer when we are all out of lockdown and everyone is sick of walking.
Perhaps when selecting a treadmill this could be a way to decide on a brand?

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Our area has physio services that provide low cost access to daily classes for older Australian’s. GP’s can also assist with assessments and for some limited supported physio. Hopefully your dad has been able to obtain professional medical advice on what might be best before making the decission?

For my dad a treadmill was not practical or safe, especially if unsupervised.


I saw a seated elliptical trainer that a person could just use their legs with and didn’t need to use the arm bars. Being seated it offers much better stability while still allowing satisfactory exercise opportunity in my opinion. A possible choice to consider?

An example but not a recommendation of the type

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You make a good point. He is in quite good health and actually requested a treadmill and an inverter for his back pain. I poured water over the inverter idea and the treadmill in contrast did seemed low risk in comparison!

Ordering the top rated Lifespan Apex Treadmill online is a nightmare. Despite promises of 4-8 days delivery (it’s now nearly a month and nothing on the horizon) their delivery company (Winning) ‘lost’ the first one, then they changed to another delivery company (Border Express) who don’t return calls and whose tracking number shows an ETA of 8 days ago but doesn’t show where the treadmill is. OK so update: the treadmill arrived this morning (without any call beforehand or accurate tracking info, so luckily I was at home). The delivery guy was friendly and helpful so I can’t fault the delivery staff. Glad it’s here but I wouldn’t buy with them again.


Hi @SirFred welcome to the forum.

It appears that you had terrible service from the retailer/delivery company which is never great, especially when one is waiting for a major purchase such as Lifespan Apex Treadmill.

I hope that the treadmill proves to be a worthwhile investment and provides you with a good service life. Hopefully if the product performs as advertised, the troubles associated with getting it delivered may become a distant memory.

You must keep us informed of how the treadmill performs as there are not many reviews or posts on such devices.


I just wanted to see this treadmill at Lifespan, so I did a Google search. Found it, but also interestingly I found that Harvey Norman were/are selling it at a $300 mark-up over Lifespan’s RRP.

On Lifestyle’s Apex Treadmill page they have " Important: This is a big and bulky item. Please read our Delivery Terms and Conditions for more information".

On that Delivery page under Standard Delivery they have the following: "Delivery time frames are not guaranteed and are rough estimations given to us by our allocated couriers. "

So in Lifestyle’s defence, the delivery problems would seem to have been a logistics problem caused by the couriers.

Hope you are satisfied with the treadmill, and get lots of benefit from it.


Can anyone provide some feedback on the Lifespan Pursuit Treadmill with FitLink. We are interested in buying one but Choice’s reviews have other Lifespan models and not that one.


Hi I have a Lifespan Marathon treadmill since May. Has anyone found it challenging to get technical support?

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Hi @hrodden, I moved your post into this existing topic. Although we have not heard back from @SirFred about his experiences with his treadmill or Lifespan, just the delivery issues he had, perhaps your query may attract an update from him?


I have not purchased one but the prices vary when looking at retailers compared to choice recommended price unless it just varies. I have a, question myself in regards to the reliability of a treadmill.

Hi, I almost always purchase products for myself and family members based on recommendations from Choice. Choice tested a treadmill by Lifespan and although we purchased a dearer model our decision was based on the advise re a lifespan treadmill. Since purchasing the Marathon early last year we have experienced the following: 1. the emergency stop magnet had to be replaced. 2. the control panel was replaced by me due to the up and down speed buttons stopped working. 3. The unit Mobile phone projection is only available with Apple phones. 4. Video direct projection is said to be possible with android, howeve, I have not been able to get this to work even hotspotting. I use a Polar H10 heart rate monitor and find that the reading on the treadmill goes all over the place. There is a function called HRC which means that one can use this and set a heart rate range that one wants to use. However, as the treadmill reading goes all over the place the unit slows up and speeds up based on these false readings. I have been communicating with a person at Lifespan for around a year and have found that person to be very helpful. They even sent me a new screen and when I fitted the new one I still could not get it to work. However, they advised me that they were able to get the unit that I had disconnected and sent back to work. If the unit was built in China then I believe that the Chinese are capable of building very sophisticated electronics, however in this case I am not convinced that the electronics are at a very high grade. The mechanics of the treadmill appear to be working very well. I wanted to provide this feedback and make a suggestion. Perhaps during testing of equipment Choice might place a notice in the magazine that Choice is testing x and ask subscribers to provide their experiences relating to x.