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Lifespan Treadmills

Ordering the top rated Lifespan Apex Treadmill online is a nightmare. Despite promises of 4-8 days delivery (it’s now nearly a month and nothing on the horizon) their delivery company (Winning) ‘lost’ the first one, then they changed to another delivery company (Border Express) who don’t return calls and whose tracking number shows an ETA of 8 days ago but doesn’t show where the treadmill is. OK so update: the treadmill arrived this morning (without any call beforehand or accurate tracking info, so luckily I was at home). The delivery guy was friendly and helpful so I can’t fault the delivery staff. Glad it’s here but I wouldn’t buy with them again.


Hi @SirFred welcome to the forum.

It appears that you had terrible service from the retailer/delivery company which is never great, especially when one is waiting for a major purchase such as Lifespan Apex Treadmill.

I hope that the treadmill proves to be a worthwhile investment and provides you with a good service life. Hopefully if the product performs as advertised, the troubles associated with getting it delivered may become a distant memory.

You must keep us informed of how the treadmill performs as there are not many reviews or posts on such devices.


I just wanted to see this treadmill at Lifespan, so I did a Google search. Found it, but also interestingly I found that Harvey Norman were/are selling it at a $300 mark-up over Lifespan’s RRP.

On Lifestyle’s Apex Treadmill page they have " Important: This is a big and bulky item. Please read our Delivery Terms and Conditions for more information".

On that Delivery page under Standard Delivery they have the following: "Delivery time frames are not guaranteed and are rough estimations given to us by our allocated couriers. "

So in Lifestyle’s defence, the delivery problems would seem to have been a logistics problem caused by the couriers.

Hope you are satisfied with the treadmill, and get lots of benefit from it.