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TPG, NBN Slow Speed Offer



Don’t blame Canberra for the politicians you send there!

You too!


I see Canberra as a place created artificially to store them, and their minions, a bit like a Golgafrinchan Ark ship of sorts, but for those folk. We’ve just got to work out how the launch the whole of Canberra into deep space … :wink:


You know, real people live in Canberra and work in Canberra. The quality of some of that work is determined by the terrible politicians you keep sending here, but don’t blame us for your poor choices!


Unfortunately the only choices we have (yourself included) are politicians, so a more cynical person than I could argue that by definition only poor choices can be made - of course I’d agree with that person … Maybe a benevolent dictatorship would work if it included a vision beyond the next term.


Only partly true. Sadly, the numpties in misgovt only got there coz there were sufficient clueless &/or immoral xenophobic Luddite numpties in the electorate who put them there.


Maybe, but to anyone drawing breath, with eyes+ears operational, & >3.5 functional neurons, the myth of fraudband was completely exposed long before that fed elect. Yet enough dopes still voted-in these miscreants.


Bingo !! That is it in a nutshell. They could not have waged their war on technology, science, education, asylum seekers, refugees, climate, biodiversity, unemployed, underemployed, youth, pensioners, First Australians, etc, from the Opposition benches.


Run a bit more hot water would you, Number One.

Just watch out for the giant mutant star goat.

Ha, if only we could get them all infected from a dirty telephone… :wink:


If my retailer was keen to get it done then it would answer the simple question “In which node cabinet is my copper wire going to be connected to the fibre network, so that retailer can estimate realistic speed range according to the distance and thus “sell” appropriate speed plan?”
But they will not address that basic question, despite my asking it repeatedly, via various channels.


The RSP may not know which Node will be your’s as NBNCo is quite closed lip about this. Best bet is to try to contact the NBNCo about what node may be yours but don’t expect an answer. The map that was provided in another topic but again linked here might be of some use but is not updated frequently…even they say to contact NBNCo for an official response.

I still stand by the “So RSPs are keen to get it done”. Choose to go basic speed eg 25/5 and upgrade in steps eg 50/20 next and see how each speed tier reflects in actual performance before moving to a higher tier. Most RSPs will happily accommodate these steps. It won’t take too long before you know which tier is appropriate for your location.

Part of the reason for RSPs being reluctant to give a figure for speed is they got caned by the ACCC over selling speed packages that clients could not ever get, partly this reflects what tech you get connected on eg FTTP, FTTN, FTTC, Fixed Wireless and if anything copper or “wireless”, the state of the copper between your house and the node or DPu, line of sight issues and similar. Only after you are connected can they really determine line or site conditions more accurately.

With NBN, distance from node determines speed
With NBN, distance from node determines speed