Thoughts on supermarkets, loyalty programs and price gouging

Hi there CHOICE Community, my name is Michelle, and I work in the prototyping team at CHOICE to develop new tools and services to help our CHOICE members.

We’re currently conducting a survey to gather insights into consumer sentiments and behaviours regarding supermarket shopping, loyalty programs, and awareness of supermarket price gouging issues.

Your responses will remain anonymous and will help us better understand the challenges consumers face when going grocery shopping.

To take part in the anonymous survey, click here.


These options contain redundancy which will make the answers ambiguous.

Rising cost of groceries


Utility bills (e.g., electricity, water)

Housing expenses (e.g., rent, mortgage)

Healthcare costs

Mortgage / debt repayments


Are you participating in any supermarket loyalty rewards programs?


but then, this unanswerable compulsory question:

What motivated you to join the supermarket loyalty rewards programs you are participating in?

Discounts or savings on purchases
Bonus points or rewards
Exclusive offers or promotions
Convenience of earning rewards while shopping

I guess it has to be N/A in Other.


I would like to see ‘catalogues’ used - NOT ‘catalogs’ in your survey questions…


Thanks for this pick up!

This question is no longer compulsory.


Thank you for this pickup. I have changed the wording.


Another assumption that is probably accurate for a large segment of the population is that ‘something’ is stressing budgets, be it in a relative or absolute way. Some demographics might not have issues with any of the choices listed although might have to cut back on their holiday plans, defer this year’s new vehicle, or similar. ‘The few’ might answer ‘none of the above’ given the choice, if they even bothered.


Great point! I didn’t consider that. Survey participants have the option to add in a custom response in the ‘other’ field.

But I have added in another option ‘I’m not experiencing any household budget pressure’

Thank you @PhilT


Sorry Michelle, I can’t get either of the blue links in your post to load your survey. Is it still supposed to be up for the Choice community to answer? Best wishes.

Hi @Brushtail, I only see one link in the post and it loads fine; do you mean the two words that are one link? I checked on a PC and an Android phone, Firefox and Edge, logged in and not logged in and all worked as expected. What device are you using? Do you have any sort of ad blocker or some features disabled (such as rejecting all cookies)?

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Hello PhilT, thank you. The survey link worked today! Weird. (Samsung A20 Android phone Firefox, Free Adblocker). I’m baffled. Thanks again matey for your kind suggestions.


When answering the question about my satisfaction with the benefits of the loyalty program I participate in, it was assumed I’m only participating in one program. I’m actually ‘very satisfied’ with one program and ‘dissatisfied’ with the other, but I couldn’t express this in the answer.


Survey design is a very difficult art and requires much thought and effort.



Unfortunately when a survey gets changed mid-stream, it invalidates all previous responses since the additions, changes, and corrections were not available to them; if the changes were available they may have altered the responses and thus revealed other aspects of ‘sentiments and behaviours’ that were not captured.


Michelle said : ‘I work in the prototyping team at Choice…’

Given the willingness to change and add to the Survey, could it be that the Survey presented to the community is a prototype to be developed/improved?

Just an idea, I could be wrong.


I’m not a happy Google user. I wondered why Google was used to create and host the survey? Was it so the Google system could collate the responses and carry out the analytics? If so, what info will be retained by Google after the survey ends?


I noticed that also, but then

a caveat not normally associated with making/helping with a prototype?

Agreed. But then how valid will this survey be after so many changes midstream?
I did not open the link (I never participate in Surveys because I can’t be sure just where the info will end up) so I didn’t know that Google was involved, and considering all the corrections it doesn’t seem that a very good job was done in creating the survey. Who knows what they will make of the analysis (assuming it’ll be done by google).
I’m sorry to say this because I love everyone at Choice :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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It can be. However, this shouldn’t excuse the making of some very basic errors.

It appears that this survey content was not properly tested before being released. That need for that process would be a part of Surveys 101.

Questions such as " Have you ever felt that you were subjected to price gouging when buying groceries?" are of limited value as the answers do not identify the extent, time or location of any perceived gouging. It is possible that the raw numbers from the survey result will be used to paint a picture different to what has been experienced by the respondents.