Thoughts on supermarkets, loyalty programs and price gouging

Perhaps we are doing the testing now, nobody has said.

We might be, but that is after the survey has been released.

Come on people. Take a short time to think.

What part of ‘prototyping team’ is hard to understand?

We in the Community are the beta testers for ‘new tools’ Choice is trying out.

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If that was the case should the original post say:

  1. “We’re currently conducting a survey to gather insights into consumer sentiments and behaviours regarding supermarket shopping, loyalty programs, and awareness of supermarket price gouging issues.”; or
  2. “We would you to undertake some Beta testing for a planned survey.”?
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That’s something for the developer @mguinea to answer.

Do they want to present as a pre-production version, and get feedback about problems, or as a test version to get feedback about design?