The best tropical destinations for your winter family holiday

It’s hard not to be captivated by the turquoise waters of an island holiday, especially in the dark winter months. What parent hasn’t dreamed of abandoning the commute, the lunchboxes and the laundry to spend a week or two in a tropical paradise where the kids are having as good a time as you are?

Read Alison Potter’s article. What are your preferred winter holiday destinations?

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I’m sitting wrapped in a blanket, with a heater, avoid my laundry… I’m convinced by the idea of a tropical getaway!! A few years ago I went to Thailand in winter (despite it being monsoon season) and I loved it because there were no crowds and I found the afternoon storms beautiful - they luckily weren’t too violent where I was staying.
That article is a great summary. Thanks for sharing!

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Samoa, Vanuatu, Fiji. In that order.

Astonishingly beautiful place. I’d recommend at least a week and to hire a car to cover both main islands at your leisure. There is a car ferry between them or you can rent cars on each island. Suits a slower pace.

Worlds happiest people. I believe they were voted as such too. Bucket list item is Tanna Island and Mt Yasur.

Huge range of options from adventure to deluxe small islands to all inclusive resorts. If you’re on the main island, try and get to the white water rafting tours.

Go local and see the top end or the centre. Best time of year to visit Darwin, Kakadu and Uluru

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I’d really recommend Hawaii for families too. There’s direct flights (yes, it’s 10 hours, so on the longer side!) and the culture is familiar enough for less adventurous kids, with English being the main language. There’s also a really good range of hotels and airbnb on offer so every budget is catered for.

You can stay in Honolulu (Waikiki) where there is plenty to do - cultural, historical, beach, outdoors. I also went to Maui which I loved (probably more for couples, but still plenty of good resorts that cater for kids). I’ve also heard the big island is really great for more outdoorsy activities (volcanos!).

The people are so friendly and it’s really safe. I was really surprised as I thought it might be a total tourist trap but it was actually fantastic and I would definitely go back.

Be warned though - it’s American summer so lots of American families with kids there this time of year! If you can get there outside of the American summer, you’ll find it quite relaxing.


And the sunsets in Hawaii really do look like this!


I’m in Bali for the four months of Winter in Australia. We come over to the East coast near Candidasa - absolute peace and quiet.