Best destination for a summer holiday

I was reading the best tropical destinations for your winter family holiday enviously – I won’t be getting away this winter. But I am hoping to take a holiday with the family in January. Does anyone here travel with kids at that time of year? What’s your favourite getaway?


New Zealand is a great destination. The weather is usually pretty good in January and there is a variety of things you can do such as car touring and visiting places such as Queenstown or Rotorua (both have plenty of things to see and do), tramping/bushwalking (for the older child), checking out Lord of the Rings locations and even some nice beaches in Northland as well as near Auckland (great for surfboard riders and interesting black sand). Other highlights for us were the hot water beach in Coromandel and swimming with Hector dolphins at Akaroa. But wouldn’t suggest all this for one trip! Our family lived there for three years, so discovered many special places.


@viveka if you want to go somewhere a little further afield (depends on how the kids go with flying!) Argentina and Chile are really great locations. Amazing landscapes, culture and history and both countries (Chile in particular) are very developed, safe and built for tourism.

I didn’t go for the first time until I was 18, but I can imagine having loved it as a kid. Tonnes of adventure activities and museums.

I’d recommend San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago and Valparaiso in Chile and in Argentina Buenos Aires, Mendoza and the area around El Calafate (the glaciers and Mt Fitzroy in particular).


Ah @TillySouth that does sound appealing. The kids are up for an adventure and it would be fun to go somewhere with a different language and culture. And NZ sounds utterly beautiful, @aschefamily :slight_smile:

And another great thing to do in NZ is cycling - our family enjoyed doing the Otago Rail Trail. Catching the steam train from Dunedin through Taieri Gorge to the start and having all our luggage transported by a company to each night’s accommodation was a bonus.

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@aschefamily that sounds like so much fun! New Zealand South Island has been on my bucket list for ages.

Tassie. Good way to avoid the scorching heat, easy to get around, no need for passports/visas/vaccinations and affotdable.


@phb Tassie is one of my favourite holiday locations! Hobart is great for families and couples - MONA would be a hit with kids I’m sure @viveka.

I’m still yet to do the west coast and next on my plans for Tassie is the overland track (in summer of course!).

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One Word!!! HAWAII.