Telstra - No Notification of Price Increase

Latest bill had a $4.00 increase in the mobile service charge.
I had not received any notification of the increase as is required.

Rang and confirmed that no notice had been sent.
Received a verbal confirmation a $5.00 credit was applied to the current bill and a $5.00 reduction will be applied for the next 6 months.

I can’t see that credit applied anywhere in the My Telstra App or online anywhere, I can only see the current bill as issued. No heading link to “Account” only “Payments”!!

There is no place you can see the balance of your account.

So do I take them at face value and pay the net amount only… don’t think I have that much trust in their systems.

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It is very poor business practice to increase subscription/plan/package pricing without notifying the affected customer. In today’s age, there is no excuse. Well done for following Teltra up and seeking resolution.

Telstra recently increased prices fir its mobile customers. Details can be found here:

Watch your future bills/automatic payments to ensure they honour the credit they have provided to you.

I moved to Belong $29 per month and I think on the Telstra network. Data never an issue.
I will never go back to Optus, too much pain on numerous occasions.

Belong is a division of Telstra. Mobile service appears to be restricted to the Telstra Wholesale network but with full features while many MVNOs still only offer 4G.

We use parts of Telstra’s mobile network and reaches more than 98.8% of the Australian population (and covers more than 1.6 million square kilometres of Australia). You can access our 5G network on all our current in market plans, which reaches at least 75% of Australian population.

It appears Telstra is one of the many ‘never enough profit’ companies operating as a good capitalist enterprise. No suggestion of malfeasance, just a comment on ‘the system’ most of the western world cherishes.

The shareholders and executives compensation are paramount. As for the rest? One has to wonder if this trend might finally break capitalisms back when there is no more cake to be eaten.